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    This is a card change i invented and have submitted. Its called Tied. You can borrow a deck if you want. But basically you have a spectator tie up a deck and hand it back to you. You simply wave your hand over the card and it changes. The deck is then handed back for them to untie if they want.

    If you have any ideas on how its done PM me and i will tell you if its correct or not.

  2. How bout a little feedback people lol
  3. The idea is good. However, work on making it more visual if possible
  4. What would make it more visual?
  5. Not covering it...
  6. Wuh? Waht you mean
  7. The more the deck is in visibility, the more visual the trick is, therefore if you keep the deck exposed, it will be a more visual trick...
  8. Alright man. Ill film a new one
  9. it looks great, the change is pretty impressive. a better camera would be nice ;-)
  10. Thanks, i wish i had a better camera but unfortuantly i dont:(
  11. Just put up a new video its in my first post. Hows it look?
  12. Nice effect. Can you perform it for a crowd around you because during the trick you turn the deck over, which may or may not reveal it to someone who is standing to your left, or even around you? Also, can a spectator hold the tied deck?

  13. Yea, i do it on the streets all the time. They can tie and untie the deck if they want to
  14. Would it be possible for a spectator to hold the deck while you perform the effect?

  15. ....come on now man how many color changes are there where the spectator holds the deck.Although you did just give me an idea for another change
  16. I just wanted to know if a spectator could hold the deck because it is tied - right?:D

    Also, my commision is 17 percent, and I get the rights for naming the effect. :D

    A color change with the spectator holding the deck would be great.

  17. I have yet to invent a color change such as that, once i do well talk lol.
  18. So, whats everybody else think of tied?
  19. i think it is very good. lol i can't think of things like that.
  20. Things always just pop into my head....i guess im lucky haha

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