Tips for Harry Lorayne's Ultra??

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Lord Magic, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Can you guys please suggest some ways I can make my handling of Harry Lorayne's Ultra Move better? Because it looks so dead obvious in my hands (my excuse? I have just started learning the move)!
    So...the thing is when I do this, and I retract the second card back again...that is when it looks obvious that I just showed the second card...

    Any help?
    Also, generalized tips on the move would help too. Because I just can't get my fingers stretch enough for it to be smooth enough. Am sure practice will resolve that. But still, I wanna hear you guys out on this one. I don't want to develop wrong habits and then relearn my way to it again (relearning is very very depressing).

    PS:- I hope am right in assuming that the Ultra Move should look as smooth as the paddle move.
  2. It's a really hard move to do. Any one handed second deal type move is. It may be helpful to practice a push off second deal to condition your hand to the movement but it is still incredibly difficult.
  3. And the way how this move is treated, something like the 'public domain'...really undermines its difficulty. Because most 'public' moves are really easy.
    But I guess if I have begun something...I have to end it too.
    Time for practice
  4. Jay Sankey or Richard Sanders has a easier handling of this. Jay Sankey put it on youtube a while back.
  5. Three tips:
    (1) Practice
    (2) Practice
    (3) Practice some more
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  6. The drawing in the book is a little misleading. The placement of the little finger does not aid in the move. Try holding the deck as you normally would and try it that way. As others have said, it's a difficult move to accomplish, and I can only nail it about 7 times out of 10.
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