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  1. anyone have any tips on performing magic??
  2. "Dont Flash And Dont Get Caught."

    A single sentence question will only get a single sentence answer.

    Where do you perform magic? What types of magic do you perform.? Whats your experience?

    With answers to those questions you can help us help you.

    Cheers, Tom

    (Dont mean to be rude or anything)
  3. yeah you should just have fun be yourself and if you mess up so what just do another trick
    have fun performing
    TimFt Out
  4. be natural and communicate with your audience as much as possible. use audience participation. POLARIZE your audience. Beyourself. perform trick you like to do.Practice ALOT b4 performing. Respect your audience. when performing, you need to look at them as if your face expression saying "it's a pleasure performing for you". Build suspense. Always smile unless the act calls for other expressions. make the effect your style. dont say the trick's name in performances. ACT! Yeah this is only a portion of a GREAT performance.
  5. I agree with all of that, well put tally
  6. There's a lot more to it than that. We can't tell you how to be a good performer, we can give you tips and steps on how to become one, but in the end it's all about who you are and who you want to be. Look within yourself. Take some time out of your day to just sit and think about what you want out of your magic. You will find your performing style.

    Experience is also key...

    You may also want to check out some books for tips on performing.

    Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

    Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber

  7. Don't get nervous . . . . .
    Sweaty hands is a no-go, well at least for me.
    Basically you know your tricks, so just go out, perform, and have fun.

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