Tissue box (Playing card sculpture)

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  1. Finally after a few months I have created another card sculpture. I am really proud of this one. A box of tissue.
    I'm working out some problems with Instagram so i had to post the photo here instead.
    This is a very practical and a product I will continue to use for a while. I used ACE AUTHENTIC PLAYING CARDS. I did not use blueprints or plans and you guys know how much I HATE that. It took me about 3 hours to complete.
    First I had to measure the sides and bottom of an actual tissue box and build them out of playing cards.
    Then tape the sides and bottom together.
    Take the tissues out of the actual tissue box carefully and place them in the card tissue box
    I had to then remove the plastic from the inside and add that to the new top of the card box so they will dispense properly.

    I had problems with youtube and editing so here are my Logs in order
    Keep in mind these are quick, unprofessional videos. I made them to help out anyone who wants to make sculputures themselves.

    Me and Elok are currently collaborating on some molds so we can make more and better sculptures.

    I hope you guys like this, and PLEASE if you have a suggestion please give it to me, i'd love to hear them
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  2. Very nice!! I like the use of cards to make practical objects that can be used every day. I am thinking of some school related objects at the moment. I will keep you posted.
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  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Wow! That looks sweet!

    Wouldn't it have been easier to just put the playing cards around the box, taping them together from the backs, and cover 5 sides (leave the top)? Then, you could just take the box out, and free hand the top. Same result, less time spent.

    Also, you know all those duct tape wallets out there? What about a playing card wallet!?!
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  5. That would have been much smarter......
    And great idea!!!!! I'm surprised I didn't think of that considering my wallet is made out of paper......
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  6. Wait what? How is a wallet made of paper?!?! That's like, paperception!
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  7. I made a paper wallet once. It lasted about a week.
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  8. I think it was called a mighty wallet. It's like a batman v. Superman style.
  9. Never watched that movie... I feel unreasonably tired at the moment.... I found out that I made it into a summer highschool program with NASA today.... I need sleep.
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  10. Ok it's spring break and I will officially start production on the wallet!
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