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  1. Alright so there has been a lot of mixed reviews on this so I thought I would give my thoughts on this.

    It's easy, some say overpriced for a one trick pony and I'd say....yeah it's kind of overpriced. And you will either love or hate what you get. It looks real it does! The spectator doesn't know what is coming before the effect so give it a shot! It's not difficult at all, it takes practice to see what timing will work for you. It's angle sensitive on how you hold your hand. If you hold your hand up to your face like Titanis does then nobody can be behind you or your extreme sides, but I found that if you perform it with your hand down in a "give me a low five" position then you have very very good angles. What you see is what you get in the demo. You get a few gimmicks, one will fit you and you are set. Don't give up, I'm not going to give this a rating cause I really dislike rating systems but I can just say I really like this effect and it just works.
  2. thanks

    Just saying thanks for the review I found it helpful and down to earth.

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