TiVo 2.0 and an assortment of other effects.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Chris Hestnes, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Hey guys.

    Seeing as plenty of you guys come from the same side of town as me (dananddave.com/forum), I'm sure you've seen this before. For the other guys, here's my performance of TiVo 2.0. If you visit my channel, there are some other effects performed too.

    YouTube link

    Feel free to drop a comment, and if there's any questions, I'll try to come up with a good answer.

    Thanks a lot =)
  2. Very nice, very smooth. You could of taken Dan and Daves place on the dvd and done it.
  3. Very nicely done Chris. I always look forward to your stuff. I saw this one a while back. Keep them coming.

    || sean ||
  4. wow, that was amazingly smooth. nice job
  5. i think i just figured out HOW. but not all the exact technicalities.

    nice cards. :D
  6. Does it matter if you figured out the trick?
  7. no? i'm not quite sure i get the intended meaning of your post, but i'll replied at face value i guess.

    it's just something i felt like sharing, is it wrong to do so?
  8. Very nicely done. The change was nice and smooth. Great job. Didn't really like the music though. Dang, you have a lot of cards! (In the background)... Your second double lift, to me, looked a bit more obvious (well, I'm a magician - everything looks like that to me now - even if it is just a single). But overall it was very nicely done... :D
  9. Not worng, but it's definitely not what this topic is about...

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