tivo 2.0 best variation ever fool people best than the original one

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  1. u ask the spec to select card say the 5 D put it back into the deck then introduce the top card the 10 h put it in the center then take the other top card the 7 s with flick it change to 10h and the card in the middle is the 5 d there selected card it is a very good idea
  2. The idea of Tivo is for BOTH cards to switch... not just one.

    This is a very good idea though. I'm going to go try it out.
  3. Ehh, I prefer the original routine. But good thinking!
  4. I'm not sure how you present this or If you have even performed it, but I can almost guarantee that people are going to be asking you where the 7 of spades went? It does not make sense to just use a random card for the sake of using a random card. Now if you were to do TiVo first, then tell them you will do it again, and then do this version, it might work, since you have gotten the spectator used to the conditions of the effect. But then of course I have not tried this and could very well be talking out of my a**. try it out and let us know how it turns out.
  5. It's easier to just do TiVo 2.0 and continue with Hedberg's Peak. Not only does it clean up your first trick, you show off another transpo. :D
  6. Hey everyone,
    I actually do my own original variation which floors the pants off of magicians. The effect stays the same, just different means of performing it. It includes an original sleight that I am giving away for free in PDF form. Just send me an E-Mail at wyliemagic@hotmail.com and I'll hook you up.

    --Brandon Wylie
  7. i want to tell you that these effect get reaction more than the original it is all about the presentation
  8. Easy ,but it seems more confusing than the oringinal one
    this is the method when i first saw the describtion u wrote,: first spetator select a card,put into the deck,secure a break under it,then flip the top card ,then do so called the ego XXX(i forgot what does it call,it is in one of DG's project,pretend you put the top card into the middle,in fact it is still on top. then do a double lift>> ego change>>finished
  9. I hate tivo and all of its incarnations....
  10. Hey guys I came up with an angle proof variation of the "in the hands" transposition effect. It more resembles DVR but angle proof and with different sleights. Anyway if you want to learn it because you're performing conditions don't fit TiVo or dvr angles, PM me and I'd be happy to show you my variation of the plot.

    I'm not a huge fan of the idea but I do it because it gets good reactions and can be used as a quick opening effect
  11. Agreed, there are enough Tivos to choke a horse
  12. I only hate it because it marked the demise and arise of youtube, chair, crotch magicians. At least for me.
  13. I perform mine standing
  14. Then the category is crotch shot, crotch box magician.
  15. I think you just repeated yourself, obviously I'm missing something right? Why don't you clear it up?
  16. I did repeat myself just to make sure you heard me. The reason I hate Tivo is because A there are so many incarnations of it. The variations that keep popping up could be time spent on something more productive. Instead of reinventing the wheel, which is counter productive, people should be thinking onto how to make the basic effect an actual magic effect instead of trickery and sleight of hand.

    Another thing is that this was sort of the beginning of the boom of youtube magicians. People who only perform for camera's sitting down or standing up, showcasing their crotch, hands, shirt, etc. Now I am really repeating myself again, you replied to my comment about the armchair youtube magicians by saying, "I perform mine standing." Now since you just gave me this little nugget of information, I just replied of what I may think of you. If you are performing tivo standing and performing it for youtube, you are obviously showcasing your waist and crotch. Tivo being an angle sensitive effect it has to be done down low.
  17. Ohhh, I understand now, you thought I meant I stand up to film the "performance". No, I perform this as a walk around piece of magic. My variation is angle proof because I walk into circles that people naturally stand in to perform, so I bring the trick into the center. I was mentioning the variation that works for me because I work. What I see now is that the error was not mine, it was yours to assume that you knew more about me than you thought you did.

    Transpositions are great effects, and TiVo whilst very sleight heavy is a stand up version and a good idea in and of itself. I don't believe it was the start of YouTube magic as we know it. Nor do a believe using an effect to inspire others to come up with varations that work for them is the worst thing to happen to magic. I think being close-mindedness is.
  18. Don't get smart with me bud. In my original post I was talking exclusively about youtube magicians. You giving me little to work with and withholding information from me that wouldn't get me to think differently about your intentions was dishonest and a poorly laid trap. You sir are a liar.

    Nah the error was reading more into a post that was only one line in length. You can mention as many variations as you like it still doesn't make the basic effect Tivo a good trick. Just because you work and have found something that works for you doesn't change that Tivo as a transposition isn't really magical. A transposition that appears more hands off to a spectator seems more magical and authentic, then an effect that you have to lean over and look down to see a magician do everything in his hands.

    Is it? Or is the effect more of a show of skill and sleight heavy trickery? The more sleighty it looks the more method is given to the spectator. It doesn't matter if it is the right method or not, if there is any hint of method trickery (Sleight of Hand) then the magic effectiveness diminishes.

    I don't really care what you believe in bean. When the Tivo Variations started to popup all over the internet, it was then I realized just how many people there were doing tricks to a camera and potentially not doing it for real life spectators. Inspiring people to come up with their own variations of effects isn't bad. But it isn't a good thing. When you have everyone including Tom, Dick, and Harry recreating the same basic effect what's the point? Your spectators aren't going to tell if you use a cardini change or a dribble swivel thingy. Sure, creating variations is a good thing. It is a good brain exorcise to create and figure out different ways to accomplish one common thing. Kind of like that SNC last year where you had to do a series of sleights that made it seem like you did nothing at all.
  19. Bud, if you have a problem with liars, a magicians forum is no place for you to be. The intent of the sentence was not sarcastic, it was literal. I don't consider a performance to be in front of a camera, when I said I perform mine standing I meant that I for real people actually perform this magic effect in a cocktail situation.

    Nowhere in your original post of "I hate Tivo and all it's incarnations." did you specify YouTube magicians, and when I went to clarify that I performed, you assumed differently. There was no trap or dishonesty played here.

    Does this effect look a little sleight of handish? Sure it can, but when used properly the effect can be a pillar made of sand for the spectator to lean against. The reason I perform this effect is psychological, this effect is the most sleight of hand seeming effect I do, so I set it up first, if they don't think it is no harm no foul. If they think I must have done something in that instant, then let them believe that, because as my routines get more and more hands off, the pillar of reason they established after seeing the first effect crumbles until there is nothing left.

    If you don't know already, spectators assume you're always using sleight of hand by the way from the moment you pull cards out of your pocket. The sooner you realize this the easier it is to misdirect and manipulate their attention and recognize off beats.

    The idea of making two things impossibly switch places, with one changing right in front of their eyes sounds like a great effect to me, and I have yet to have a spectator that disagrees with the idea.

    I believe what you're overlooking is the presentation of a magic effect, how you move, when you pause, how you say things all effect the perception of the magic effect. Now always motivate your actions into things that make sense and it becomes a sleight rather than a move. So yes, when performed well Tivo as well as other in the hands transposition effects are very effective. Maybe you just haven't tried them.
  20. That is what I mean, you should of specified what you meant. When you said that you perform standing, you were quoting this response made by me. "I only hate it because it marked the demise and arise of youtube, chair, crotch magicians. At least for me."
    The fact that you left out the information that you weren't talking about Youtube magicians, crotch shot magicians, etc is deceitful and indeed a trap.

    I've already addressed this, look above.

    I'd like to know how you or other people who preach that something they do in their magic routine is in fact psychology. Everyone seems to be a self proclaimed expert about it. IMO if you use an opener that looks flashy and sleight-y, no matter how much more magical the effects that are done after that, there will always be a hint of doubt that what is being done is actual magic. Because the spectators know that you are doing sleight of hand.

    You have a very high horse kind of speaking and it is rather annoying, especially since you just tried to catch me off guard and attempted to school me with words. Then on top of that accuse me of making erroneous remarks. I don't know you and you don't know me, so I'd appreciate it if you'd not talk to me like I am a ****ing eighth grader.

    Anyway, when you assume things you make an Ass out of yourself and the spectators. You can't assume that all spectators think it is sleight of hand, you can't really read minds. Over my years of performing magic semi-pro and as a hobbiest, I've encountered many spectators who feel I should go talk with a priest or "come to Jesus". Do you think what they thought I was doing was sleight of hand? Well honestly maybe they did at first. However, I only did one effect with them and I didn't pull out cards, cause card tricks are the worst possible thing to do when you try and get someone's attention. Everyone has that one uncle/friend/family member that does Card tricks like 21 card trick or something fun and silly. Because of this I feel that cards automatically have that "Trickery- sleight of hand" smell to them. The trick is, to dispel the fact you use trickery right out of the gate with something impossible looking.

    I agree, however if you figure out a method to accomplish the color change in a spectator hands I'd be more inclined to perform it. It being Tivo. Until that time comes effects like Witness, two card monte, that two card transpo will do fine for me. I think I remember a forum member by the name of Jack Webster who performed a two card transpo onstage using two spectators, it killed.

    There effective, but they aren't magical!! that is the whole freaking point I am trying to push on you. I do not care if your tivo gets reactions or not, it aint magic. I'd like to know what your presentation of the effect Tivo is, INCLUDING the scripting of patter, blocking, subtext of the effect, why the spectator should give two ****s about what you are doing, how you open the effect up to more to more people and /or respond to certain crowds, how do you make this trick flow with the routine? Please enlighten me to how I should be looking at my magic, because from where I am standing I know more about structure, motivation, theory and routining of a trick then you think I do.

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