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    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to post a couple concise reviews of my more recent purchases (in this and other threads). This is my review of Tivo 2.0.

    The Trick:

    This is such a quick and impossible looking card transposition. To have a change this elegant without gimmicks or duplicates is fantastic. It gets great reactions and is a lot of fun to perform once you have it down. It is however a relatively difficult move. This is a trick that should be practiced in the mirror tons of times before being performed.

    The Teaching:

    The teaching is actually very clear, and the slow motion performance helps a great deal. My only complaint is that there is no attention payed to possible problems people may have (e.g. bad angles). I think with a tough trick like this going over common issues people may experience while learning it would really help.

    To conclude this is highly recommended, and a wonderful trick to have in your arsenal. Thanks Dan and Dave.

    Rating: 9/10
  2. i bought this about a 3 weeks ago and still practicing but awsome trick
  3. included in the trilogy, not too keen on performing it due to angle issues (and because i cant get the 'last' part done. )
  4. This is a great trick if you can get it down. I practiced it for 2 months before I even performed it as well as Twinsplit Remix. Both have knacky moves. Got it down pat now.
  5. I love this trick.
  6. alot of tricks have angles you need to worry about.
    If you're into magic, that is mostly what you should practice.
    Doesn't matter what the trick is.
  7. Thanks for the review; I like the look of this change. Would it be appropriate for a group sitting at a table?
  8. I don't see why it shouldn't - yeah you could do it at a table (as long as the table doesn't cramp your elbows for room cause the chair is made for midgets or something).

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