Tivo with a Twist

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cardistry77, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. this is my Tivo @.0 that i perform. it uses my new change called Ignis Fatuus. i hope you guys like it. and any helpful comments on how to improve it are welcom!

    Tivo with a twist

  2. Im lovin' that change. I can see how it's done - but it's obvious you've put in a lot of work there!

  3. Its a good change and pretty good use of the move 5/5
  4. I bet you use the same change in real life, too.
  5. I do use the change when i perform.... Just a little angly:p
  6. That's cool. Just work on making the part where you aparrently pull the card out of the deck more natural. I can tell it's definetly a hard move.
    Great job on the change though!

    P.S What is "the twist"??
  7. Wait wasn't that just an Erdnase One Hand change? Its a good idea though
  8. Your are way off ... do you mean cardini? ..... this change looks nice in camera but i dont about using it in real life .... what was the twist?
  9. Awesome job.
  10. Yeah apart from angly, its a really good change. *Applaud* Very good!
  11. No, an ERDNASE one hand change. Find it in the Expert at the Card Table: One Hand Transformations
  12. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but as far as I can see it's not exactly the same. It's basically the Second Method but from the other side of the deck, which I haven't seen published before.
  13. Yeah you right my apologies, totally forgot bout it.
  14. the twist is the new change.
  15. oh ok got it.
  16. Very unnatural lifting of the first DL and the pullout of the middle card... It looks like a pretty nice concept if you get fluid with it though.

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