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    This effect started a huge argument and finally an agreement to disagree between keosilver and I. So keo I hope you'll respond with some harsh comments on this video. I did it at a table just to keep my crotch out of the shot haha.

    Anyway I hope you guys like my variation and see it as performable because that's why I created it.

    I've kept this close for some time


    Credits: idea, Dan and Dave. Final move, Tony Chang. Shape shifter, Marc dezousa.

    The final move was inspired by not created by Tony Chang. The sleights used are different than the other routines
  2. I like that alot :)
  3. You do exactly what I do.. well, sort of. I start off TiVo like D&D, but instead of doing the clean-up like them, I do Tony Chang's DVR clean-up. The transposition of two cards with TiVo with a clean ending by the Changmeister. <-- Original Tony Chang name win.
  4. That was quite good actually. Was very clean

    Though, I do find it odd that magicians seem to be constantly coming up with variations of the card on top of the deck/card sticking out of the middle of the deck transpo. Not exactly a massive distance to transpose across! I prefer to just have a dupe in the deck and do it in the spectators hand (Blaine stylee!)

    Still, from a technical view point I can't fault this. The moves were all done really well. A good piece of magic to share with magicians.

  5. Rev this plays well as an opener actually, the psychology of the effect is what allows you to get away with it. You have to get them to assume the ending with the line " well if this is on top then the other card must be where?". And as soon as try respond you do the move, this divides their attention but also gets them to assume they know the ending, so the last move is done only as proof and not as part of the actual effect

    Follow this up with the biddle trick when they say they wanna see that again.
  6. I don't doubt this works on laymen. I never said otherwise and I can tell it would certainly fool them. The point I was trying to make is that, to me, transposing a card in their own hand (using a dupe) is stronger than transposing two cards half the thickness of the deck. The fact that it's gimmick free and pure sleight of hand means nothing to laymen. Therefore, I just prefer to 'cheat.'

    Still, I suppose if you don't like using dupes then this would be a nice alternative. This is all only my opinion of course.


  7. Well hidden and smooth, not my cup of tea, but a good effect overall. As far as variations go this one is clean and visual.

    I've cheated ultimate transpo even further by miscalling a card instead of showing it, and then having them change. Someone wanted to see it and I didn't have a dupe, it worked just as well and is a good backup (though, I prefer using a dupe).
  8. Yeah, I've done exactly the same thing, miscalling the eight of hearts as the eight of diamonds or whatever. It's amazing what you can get away with if you have the guts! But like you said, it's only something I'd really do if I wanted to do the trick and didn't have a dupe.

  9. I didn't mean to imply that I thought you deemed it unperformable, it's just interesting to me how the psychology of the effect works.

    As for your bluff call, it's always fun for me to think about bluffs in the terms of a coin vanish, when people just assume "well what idiot would hold his hand like that if there wasn't something in it?" ...us.
  10. Beans25 obviously a true psychologist. I've never seen such a display of pure mind blowing psychology in my life. Why would I have harsh words to say about this video? It wasn't mundane in the slightest. Hell! He even added a table to cover his embarrassment. Props for that! There isn't a hint of narcissism in this post. I mean using a meaningful argument that had happened in the past, that some might perceive they won, which is silly since winning an internet argument is like winning the special olympics. If you win the gold you're still a tard. Yeah, that may be a bit cliche but in this case it is not ONLY cliche but true on all grounds of the phrase, even being special.


    Speaking of special, the effect itself was nothing special. With all the Michael Bay explosions of defense and Hype, it should of been a Mona Lisa in cards. Instead, the movie turned out to invoke the feeling of watching a walrus whip an oversized brush around on a canvas, then the owner of said walrus going on Ebay and trying to sell it for one million dollars.

    I couldn't help but ask the computer screen, still haven't got a response from it, Maybe it is I who is special.

    Herp Derp

    Anyway, back to the point of THIS paragraph. The guy next door yelled, "The card is in my pocket!" Being a friendly neighbor the response he got was, "NO! It is now the playing card protruding from the deck like a viagra boner!" For those who don't get the analogy, the line was referring to the card stuck lazily out and candid much like when a pubescent gets a boner. It is quite a great opener in that regard.

    I love it when girls ask me if my hands are good in bed, after I performed an expert display of Prestidigitation ectcetera ectcetera and so forth. The fast hands sex up the ladies and cause a different kind of magic, Yeah?<3 Mmm and boy do they know how to work a smooth back. Wait till they see the magic that happens in the pants just before a swift donkey punch.


    Anyway, Cool trick brah. Now I know a magician that doubles as a therapist, just like Heath Ledger's Joker interpretation. Oh wait, he was an open sociopath and jokester. The COMPLETE opposite of what this OBVIOUSLY terrific display of SOPHISTICATED, not for hand jobs, skills with a deck of cards.

    Nothing Harsh can be said. With that, obviously you know more then most who just give opinion. I will yield further discussion and open it up to those who give two panties.

    *Rolls on out of the room*
  11. Dear lord that post went in more directions than a schizophrenic patient.

    did you just make fun of retarded people?

    written like a true /b/ro i suppose.

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