To all the guys who went through it..

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Sep 1, 2007
Hey, I know most of you guys have been what i've just been through.

You've been cheated on.. by someone you love(d). Here's my personal opinion.

Okay so you know when a guy cheats on a girl it's like a big ginormous deal and everybody hates you for it?? Okay so when the girl cheats on you (which I think happens 100 times more often) nobody cares, they're like oh well get over it.

They don't understand how sucky it is. Okay and personally the worst part is the unknown. Like when someone tells you that you girlfriend is cheating on you right? Then your either pissed off and mad or your like whatever.. what a liar. you know? Then like, you hear that she hasn't cheated on you at all. You don't know what to think, and your girlfriend won't talk to you because of some reason or another so your left sitting there, not knowing what to think. Every minute feels like a million years. You feel sick and your restless, you sit there, you lay down, you sit there, you get up and pace, you throw crap around, you sit, you lay, you sit, you walk. You get the point.. Then that ruins the rest of your week. You keep jumping back and forth, she cheated on me, no she didn't! YES SHE DID, OH NOT SHE WOULD NEVER! Then you add things up.. She did, it's so obvious. She still can't talk. Your calm now, but mad, yet calm. You want to throw her over a cow and drop pianos over her, yet you want to hold her and kiss her. You want to be nice yet.. you want to make her feel so much pain.

She still can't talk to me. I've been waiting.... forever! She is SOOO dumped when I talk to her unless she has an amazing explanation to all of this.

Sorry for this stupid thread.. I needed to get it out. This probably isn't the place to do it. I don't care if you delete the thread, i just needed to type everything out because no one else cares.

Sincerly, and sorry!


P.S. Can you please change my display name to .::Spencer::. If that's possible. Thanks, appreciated a ton.
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Sep 1, 2007
I hope everything works out for you man. Life can really suck some times, but it will always get better.
Sep 1, 2007
I hope everything works out for you man. Life can really suck some times, but it will always get better.

Thanks.. now I'm gunna be smart and get a girlfriend that goes to my school... and isn't a slut. Excuse my french.
We really need some Mods in this place....

The next obvious level of involvement that I see would be being a moderator on these forums. We're actively watching posts to give us some idea of who would be a good mod (already, a few of you are beginning to stand out), but it will take a while before we get there, so my advice would be to be patient. This is a brand new site and we're still in the streamlining process making sure that everything works like it's supposed to. Examples of things we're looking for in a mod are intelligent, constructive posts. Examples of things that we're not looking for are posts like, "You're a f***ing moron! I am shocked and appalled that a human could type such a f***ing retarded statement without dying instantly on f***ing principle alone! F***, F***, F*** YOU!!! LOL, ROTFLMAO, BRB MoF***as!!! Word to your motha!" Not so good.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


There ya go. :)
Dana always has the answer to everything, and it's presented in a uniquely humorous and entertaining fashion. It's funny, because I'm just like that! LOLOMGROFLZOMGWTFBBQ ROFLCOPTERLOLLERSKATESLOLLYMADIB GTFOMYSERVERLOLKICKBANHAX OMGKSGGNOOBSHATLOLHAHAHA

However, back on topic, it's hard considering my tendency to go crazy, while I understand the need to vent on such a topic, your situation would be problematic and would cause any normal person to go sleightly (heh, puns) crazy. Despite this, being a little more mature (yup, I'm talking about maturity children!) about it would probably make the world a whole lot better. Calling her a "s**tty w***e bag b**ch" (Is that actually how people insult each other these days?) isn't probably going to solve any problems. Dump her, or hear her out, or hear her out them dump her, name calling doesn't get you anywhere.

PS: If you knew me at all you'd probably realize that this advice probably has no basis of truth whatsoever, but hey, it sounds good to me and I always like to appear to be useful. Stops the overlords banning me when I stay up too late working and go a little crazy (Hey, that's so familiar right now)
Aug 31, 2007
Im so sorry that you had to go through this. If it was possible, I wish no on would have to go through this. But i guess...

This happened to me, and I went through the exact same thing, just the way you described it. I felt the same way, I did the same things. But, when I went to my friends, they really helped me get back on my feet.

Some people don't really think before they do things...That may hurt others.

Sep 1, 2007

I've known french all along and never knew...

Hey man I'm sorry to hear that, I'm going through a pretty rough time too, with my ex girlfriend, we were dating for a year and a half, and we basically crashed and burned, no cheating, but it's so complicated after dating that long. I feel what you feel, I know exactly what you feel, I remember the whole restless thing, you described it in detail and I knew we felt the same way, it's tough man, you just have to be tougher. The things that happen to you now and how you deal with them, will build who you are for the rest of your life.



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Aug 5, 2007
I'm going to close this thread. While we do feel your pain, and a lot of us can relate, we want to try to stick as closely to magic as possible here. Otherwise, we run the risk of it becoming a "General Talk About Anything Forum" rather than a "General Magic" forum. ;)

Hope this makes sense guys. Feel free to PM Ilanw if you'd like to continue the convo. Thanks!
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