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  1. Hi there,

    Does anyone of you know about a pass that takes the selected card to the bottom ? I was wondering if there were some out there, because I actually created one, so I wanted to compare.

    If anyone's interested by seeing my work, just tell me and a demo video's gonna be online tonight.


  2. well I discovered one card pass that moves the card to the bottom. But not sure if anyone created it.
  3. all passes, with just a little bit of varation, can bass a card to the bottom. but learn the sidesteal. You don;t need to perform a pass to control one card. so just use a sidestal.
  4. Well that's exactly what I was talking about lol.

    I also have a variation of it that takes the selection second from the bottom.
  5. I know what you mean, the location of your break changes everything... But still, it really is a pass that takes the card to the bottom, without changing your break.
  6. outjogged herman shift is an excellant to the bottom pass.
  7. Yes, but it's a shift, not a pass in itself.
  8. shift is another name for pass
  9. Dizzi is not not not mistaken, he is correct. Shifts are the same thing as a pass.

    A pass or shift is basically secretly cutting the deck. So if you think about it, any pass can bring a card to the bottom or top depending on where you get a break.
  10. ^^^^^Exactly. A pass to the bottom is the exact same method as a pass to the top. The only difference is, when you do a pass to the bottom you get a break below the selctected card not above it.
  11. i would say outjogged herman shift is the best way to get card to the bottom. It's easy and quick to learn, and it's almost invisible if you do it correctly
  12. I would actually like to see this video you said about in your first post considering that ive got a pass too that moves the card to the bottom that I think is gonna be on T11 (hopefully).

  13. I know what you guys mean, the thing is, what's different with my pass is that even if the break is above, the selected card goes to the bottom, that's why I wanted to share it with you since it's different, but anyways...
  14. If you want to see it, I've just uploaded it on my Youtube Channel tonight. Feel free to go take a look...

    If you take a look a it I would appreciate some feedback...

  15. sorry. but that's not that original, and mit's much less fishy to use a double undercut. a pass/shift is supposed to be invisible. so that technically isn;pt a pass.
  16. I've been using this in my routine without a single remark about it... Immediatly after executing the move, I show them that the top and the bottom card isn't theirs, so the card really is lost in the deck. And everybody agrees. I've just done this in a party this weekend getting huge reactions... Well, it really does work and the technique is original, but you choose what you believe.
  17. so uh... wheres the video
  18. I'm not saying that it won;t work. I'm sayiong that it isn't a pass, a a double undercut is still less fishy.
  19. Ok, but I still disagree lol. This looks the same as the dribble pass, the goal of my video was to show you its application. Anyway, when I want my audience to think that their card is lost, I try not to double undercut too often because it is less convincing.

    FOO:L, the demo for my two passes are on my Youtube Channel, http//

    Please take note that my break is taken above the selection, so those aren't Dribble Passes, they are completly different moves that uses differents methods.
  20. The action is Ken Kreznel's one card steal. The dribble cover was explored by many, first refined handling of this cover was published in Card College vol.1.

    Check it out, although you reinvented the move, you didn't do it well. :)

    A vid on the original steal:

    Good luck, and keep thinking :)

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