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  1. Now I don't normally watch Ellen, but I was flippin' through the channels and I saw Tom Issacson doing Prophet on Ellen. I couldn't find a video on youtube of it but if any of you do post a link here. He never turned them back to ones but it was cool. Did anyone else see this?
  2. I didn't see it, but that sounds awesome! Lets hope that this gets on Youtube somewhere. ;)

  3. I definetally want to see this if even to see the audience's reaction :p.
  4. YES, my mom tivo's Ellen im going to watch it... NOW
  5. Ok i saw it now. The people there wern't that impressed, but i was like OMGZ!!!!
  6. Prophet is great and everything, but does he do/know anything besides prophet? Every time I hear about him, the only thing he does is prophet.
  7. yeah he only do that trick. I wish he did more though
  8. It's his own effect, a personal creation of his...a baby of sorts.

    Although I know a great deal of routines and effects, anytime someone asks me to perform an effect, I usually perform one of my original effects first. Then if they want to see more, I'll intertwine other magician's magic.

    It is something he does and something he does well. And that's what you want if you're going to be on National T.V.
  9. Ellen kind of screwed it up when she said the thing about the million dollars-almost downplaying the effect. And he almost did it too slow, but he seemed to fool everyone. He was probably super nervous, but I think he handled it well.
  10. Glad some of you caught it- I taped it last Thursday- and I tried not to look exhausted even though I was there running on 3 hours of sleep coming from a gig in San Diego on Wednesday night. They bumped my call time last minute so I didn't get the extra sleep I had planned on- no biggie though.

    I had previously performed for some of the producers at a party a few weeks prior- and they called because they were tasked with finding audience members with hidden talents- and they wanted to find a way to work the magic in. It wasn't the most ideal way to be introduced after a bar stunt- and before a unicycle rider, but it doesn't always work out perfect. Plus I had 4 studio-caliber HD cameras zoomed in tight on the shot, so I had to make sure I hit it.

    Given the nature of the other performances I think Ellen was caught off guard, because after the change she looked at me like "WTF?" But its her instinct to keep the atmosphere very lighthearted-, and thats what she did. After the show I had tons of people from the audience coming up and giving me compliments on it-and I heard that there were some hot-shot executives in the control room during the taping that were really impressed. Anyway, few more things happening we will post about soon-

  11. Great news man! Sounds like a blast :). I hope you continue to flourish and I can't wait to see more of you around the air waves :p

  12. K, I JUST saw can see the secret move. :( Prolly becuase of the camera angle. But, I thought it was cool. Tom was on Ellen woot.
  13. Yeah- it just aired out here, not really happy with how it looked- although I had tons of people calling and tell me that "it looked great" they used the one angle that was the least flattering to the change- and the one that they didn't show me the monitor for in rehersal- Had I known I was playing for that camera I would have just turned to the left and it would have been fine.. although I know from Ellen's view it was great and most lay people probably won't know the difference, but nothing to be done about it now.
  14. Has anyone uploaded it online yet? Or came across it? I would really like to see it, thanks alot!:D
  15. Awesome to hear from you. Yeah, laypeople wouldn't know the difference, but I'm sure there will be hecklers on youtube trying to figure it out. Best of luck,
  16. Awesome to hear from you. Yeah, laypeople wouldn't know the difference, but I'm sure there will be hecklers on youtube trying to figure it out. Best of luck,
  17. Wow, my stupid computer triple posted.
  18. Wow..He seemed really nervous, like he couldnt even hold the bills right. But I understand if he didnt get any sleep. I know how he feels....
  19. 3 hours of sleep and then 3 hours in rush hour from San Diego to LA- straight to Warner Brothers- I'm impressed I even was able to walk up there and get my dollars out! It was my first time doing a television appearance- always a learning experience-but live and learn that's the way it goes.

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