Tommy Wonder, Bill Malone, Gregory Wilson...

Jan 17, 2015
I want to get two of the volumes out of these three:

1) Visions of Wonder
2) On the Loose
3) In Action

Which one should I get? In terms of effects and difficulty. I don't do a lot of table work though...
Jan 28, 2015
I'm a huge Bill Malone and Tommy Wonder fan and I have both On The Loose & Visions of Wonder, LOVE them both for different reasons.

If you're more into cards then you should really consider purchasing On The Loose, however, it isn't for beginners but it's full of great material.

Tommy presents some really strong card magic in Visions of Wonder as well, but he also has several other effects that have nothing to do with cards.

In my opinion Malone is the better teacher, as it's one-on-one during the explanations, whereas Wonder is accompanied by Max Maven (off and on depending on the trick) and you get to watch as Tommy explains it to him which gives it a more "fly on the wall" feel.

You can't go wrong with either, their insight into magical theory makes it worth the $ alone.

|| Steven
Jan 17, 2015
Thanks @Steven Lafitte!

I'm torn between Bill's humour and Tommy's amazing presentation! Heck, Tommy's tricks are so strong he could have done them silent and still get a standing ovation!

Both are really magnificent magicians though...
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