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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toby, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I'm new in magic, im practising for 4 months only, and i'll be 22 in 2 months. Am i too old to start now? Every post i see, you guys allways tell how you started with 12, 14, 15 years max. Thats at least 7 years difference, De'Vo started practising while he was only 7 years old. So is anyone here started this late, and do you think that it is too late for me?

    edit: This guy Shane, he is going to quit magic when im about to begin, and he is 2 years younger... Damn i'm old for this.
  2. Of course you're not too old. I got into magic seriously when I was about 21 - nearly 4 years ago - and now I get paid good money to perform on a regular basis. If I can do it, so can you.

    People all start and stop at different points in life, for different reasons. You're never too old to do anything!
  3. Haha, you are never too old to start magic, it's just that most people usually start magic in their teenager years. Just don't get offended if people 5 years younger than you give you advice.:rolleyes: If you need any help starting out, shoot any of us a PM.

  4. Considering I am quite a bit older than you I guess you can forget about being too old. I started at a younger age than you but I didn't take it seriously until I was older than you are now by about 10 years.

    I would take how long most people say they have been in magic with a grain of salt. It's not like there is a time machine sitting around to check references for how long someone has been "in magic" or "doing magic". It really doesn't matter to me if someone started at 8 or 18 years old.

  5. Not to mention that it's about quality, not quantity. Spend your time wisely and you'll progress at a good pace; spend your time chasing every new, shiny trick that gets released amidst a haze of publicity and hype, and you'll crawl along.

    Some people have been in the game for 5 years, but they've been doing year 2 for 4 of them!
  6. Hell, no. I'm 38 and only just starting to work on sleight of hand; when I was young, I always used simple self-working tricks, because I thought I was too clumsy and had no talent for real sleights. But after some 20 years away from magic because... well, face it, those tricks were boring... I decided to come back and try to pick up where I left off.

    Never be afraid to learn. Just remember the number seven: if you intend to be truly world-class at anything, it takes seven years of dedicated practice. Of course, it takes a whole lot less to just be better than average.
  7. Magic and the age of the performer have no relation. Just imagine:
    If you start now and stick with it, you can amaze all those young whippersnappers that think you're "too old" to be cool.
  8. Thanx guy's for the support, i appritiate it. I never intended to quit, but just wandering is it to late to become someone in magic or will i be an average guy (i know it is about quality and hard work, but i missed lot's and lot's of years of that hard work)...
  9. Getting started in Magic has nothing to do with your age. If you have the passion for learning and performing Magic, you can start at any time.
  10. Alternately, you might remind yourself that you missed all those years of being too young and stupid to understand and appreciate the value of that hard work. ;)
  11. Wow

    i was going to ask the same quetion: "am i too old?" and i am 15 years old and started 2 1/2 months ago.... lol .... so yeah i guess there is no age range unles you are all old and your hands are like raisins, or to young and small
  12. i agree. im about 8 months into magic, and ive been puttin along nicely. i have figured out stuff by ineski, dananddave, wayne houchin, and danny garcia, to name a few. i love magic. im only 13, but i would give up school so i could do better at magic. the more you have the passion for it, the faster you go. i would recommend spending, at the most, for you, about 50 bucks a months. 1 trick, some decks, and something else that isnt a major trick, like royal road to card magic. watch the dvd and practice the trick. that way you dont overload on what youre tryin to learn.
  13. I use to see a guy somewhere who started at the age of 40+.
    You're not old at all to start.
  14. yes. you are too old.

    just kidding. within a year of practicing you can become very very accomplished. as it has been said, many years of many magicians have been wasted chasing the newest tricks instead of mastering the basics. if you care about the art then you will flourish not only in knowledge but nimbleness...


    p.s. i dont agree with the 50$ a month thing. you can learn as much from the library than from anywhere else, and its free. also, i suggest ninja 1 and ninja 2 from ellusionist.
  15. To answer your be somebody question, as an artist like on this site, I don't think so because these people are geniouses, if you want to be someone that is famous with laypeople and not magicians, it depends more on whether you are a good performer than a good magician! WHich means, yeah you possibly could, but chances of that for any of us is.... you get my drift.
  16. No you aren't to old to start learning magic.

    There are advantages of being older then most of the members here.
    1. You have your own credit cards.
    2. You can drive yourself to your gigs.
    3. When you are practicing you can pour yourself a strong one to help with the harder material.
  17. Dont worry. I startted at 29. Still doing it at 37!!! And getting paid too!!
    Some people retire at 65 and take it up.
  18. You are never, never, ever too old to start. I've heard of someone that started in their mid-fifties and went pro. 22 is still very young. I'm fifteen, and started when I was about ten, but I don't think starting age really matters that much.

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