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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Mattia, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys!

    Does anyone here have some new info regarding Totally Out Of Control DVD set by Chris Kenner and Compression DVD by Dan White and Doug McKenzie?

    I read that Compression was refilmed to give audience a better DVD and I have no info regarding TOOC: I saw the teaser long time ago and then nothing.

    So please can someone do a little recap with all the infos avaible?


  2. Not sure about TooC, but the last word I heard from Mr. McKenzie on the Cafe was there would not be a DVD released for Compression. Great effect though. It's become one of my favorites.
  3. Last I heard about TOOC was a message on a post by Katie Kenner which said Chris is refilming it because hes not happy.
  4. I can't wait for TOOC!
  5. Actually I prefered to work on Compression concept than on TOOC
  6. TOoC is on hold, because Chris had a baby.

  7. Well, to be a little more technically accurate...

    Just a minor detail... Then again, it IS ck. :p
  8. Compression isn't coming out due to all the crediting problems they were having with it. It was a neat effect and I think the basic concept can be found in a few other magic books out there.

  9. can you name me some tricks using the inflated deck concept please and where I can find them?
  10. @Mattia: Off the top of my head there was an effect on True Astonishments that used the inflated deck principle, Doug Conn had a lovely triumph effect that used it as well. And Tyler Wilson uses an offshoot of it in an effect in his new book.

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