Top 10 Magic Books

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    Top 10 Magic Books

    10 Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

    9. Card College Light

    8. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    7. Scarne on Card Tricks

    6 Expert Card Technique

    5. Royal Road to Card Magic

    4. The Expert at the Card Table

    3. Art of Astonishment

    2. Absolute Magic

    1. Tarbell Course
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  2. Good selection, thought I would of said Joshua Jay complete course.
  3. Great list Magic Orthodoxy. I did not know you were on Theory11 until now. I had come across another one of your book review videos on YouTube a while ago but you only had about 5 books on that video, some of which are on this list. I think you pretty much covered all the main books of card magic. The only thing I would have done differently was substituted Card College Light for just Card College vol 1-5. Even though Jason Englands list is a little more extensive , I would definitely recommend this video as a runner up.
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  4. Card College 1-5 is a bit more advanced and I wanted my list to also go from BEGINNER to ADVANCED

    James - The Joshua Jay book looks on par with the Mark Wilson book, I bet you could substitute one or the other, I'm an old fart, so I grew up with Mark Wilson
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