Top 10 things every magician is tired of hearing...

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  1. This was hilarious xD Thank you for this!
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  2. That was hilarious. As the answer to one I should reply "Did I pay you to be amazed?" also, really... No "Do it again!"? That is the cliche of magic! (Besides bunnies, hats, and linking rings."
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  3. Also, does anyone here do card tricks WHILE wearing gloves?
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  4. Lol. I don't really get annoyed when they say "Do it again", but I do get annoyed when they get angry at me for not "Doing it again" or telling them how it works... lol
  5. I personally think it's kinda funny, and I kinda get off of that. But, yeah...I get what you mean. They keep tlling you... to do it "again and again and again"... and then demanding to tell them how it works. Kind've like hecklers or sceptics... But much less rude and they're not trying to expose you or whatever; They are just kind've "pestering" you for info.

    It REALLY just depends on their attitude, I usually really don't mind.

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  6. One time I was hanging out with friends and they kept asking me to do a trick again and again (it was my really quick two stage ACR) I did it probably 15 times and they couldn't figure it out.
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  7. A lot of times I hear the following two: "Make my $1 turn to a $100." "What is the lottery going to be?"
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  8. The "Do It Again" question really is an indication that you are presenting magic as a challenge. The spectators are really saying, I didn't figure it out the first time, can you do it again so I can try to figure it out?" Much of that is a result of people being conditioned that magic is a game -- magicians try to fool them, they try to figure it out. Unfortunately, in that game, someone is a loser. But part of it is the magician's presentation which focuses solely on the "trick." If your goal is to trick or fool the audience, then you may be to blame for the "do it again." Focus on entertaining.

    "I'm still working on that one. You be the first to know... after my wife."

    I've never been asked to "do it again", but have been asked if I can saw someone in half. I use one of two replies: "Of course, sawing in half is the easy part, its the putting them back together that is the hard part" or "I tried it once on my wife's half-sister, it didn't go well." :)
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  9. Wait a sec..... are you saying your wife's half sister is now your wife's quarter sister?
  10. hah... half sister..
  11. When I hear those lines I always respond back "But you could be under cover FBI".
  12. The link doesn't work for me
  13. The original post is no longer available i am afraid. Through some careful consideration i decided that it was not something i wanted my clients to see ;)
  14. Dang, I'd love to read it.
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  15. That's when you pull out a $100 flash paper bill and do this:

  16. I am sure you may be able to find copies of it somewhere. It went viral and others basically used my foundation and made their own versions so i am sure you will be able to find different versions of it ;)

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