Top 20 Card Magic Books To Have!!!!

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  1. Hey Theory11!!!

    Being a person who doesn`t like to read, i found myself a bit stuck. There a lot of video material to teach you card manipulations, but it seem like it repeating basic technics over an over again. So i started looking for the books. Being a bit stuck with cash don`t want to waste my money, so i`m asking you, what is your MUST HAVE TOP 20????
  2. Top 20? Holy crap that is a lot of material! Are you looking for "Card Magic" like your title say or "Card Manipulation" like your post says?
  3. Sorry English is not my first language. What i had in mind is CARD MAGIC!!!
    Something like S.W.Erdnase "EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE"
  4. This could just be me but I found Expert at the Card table pretty difficult to learn from at first. Great material in there tho. You can always download a legal pdf copy online to take a look at it. If you are interested in books, also check out TONS of free material there
  5. You may get a lot of the same answers from some people. Here's something I don't think many would say: Dear Mr. Fantasy by John Bannon is excellent.
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    The Classics

    1. Royal Road to Card Magic - Hugard & Braue
    2. Scarne on Card Tricks - Scarne
    3. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - Hugard
    4. Expert Card Technique - Hugard & Braue
    5. The Card Magic of LePaul - LePaul
    6. Counts, Cuts & Subtleties - Menzer
    7. Card Control - Buckley
    8. Expert at the Card Table - Erdnase

    The New Classics

    9. Card College Light, Lighter and Lightest
    10. Card College Series

    The Workers

    11. The Secrets of Brother John Hamman
    12. Jennings '67
    13. The Card Magic of Nick Trost
    14. The Paper Engine - Fisher
    15. Art of Astonishment - Harris
    16. Relaxed Impossibilities - Krenzel
    17. Dear Mr. Fantasy - Bannon
    18. One Degree - Gustaferro
    19. Apocalypse
    20. Mnemonica - Tamariz

    P.S. I realize that in terms of actual volumes, I listed 31 books.
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