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  1. Hey guys I was wonder what are the top 3 card tricks you'd recommend to buy off T11? I'm fairly new to magic and I am currently working on the basics with Brad Christian DVD's. But I always like to buy tricks to practice for fun! Hearing everyone's personal top three would be great help with navigating the cite! Thanks again! I'm looking forward to being an active member on the cite.
  2. The problem here is that what I consider a 'top 3' may be utterly useless to you considering our vast difference in skill level and a likely similar difference in performance styles. Basically what you're asking for is a list of things I/we like.

    I've been digging Out Of My Mind by Spidey and also Phantom (Though I haven't put that one into performance yet).

    I also like the Be Kind Change as well as DVR by Tony Chang.
  3. I think my personal favourite ones are Whole Thing by Chris Mayhew, Colorblind by Luke Jeremy as well as the Be kind Change by Tony Chang.

    But since you are fairly new to magic I'd suggest starting out with some of the Chris Kenner Downloads. Most of them are pretty easy, but still really powerfull effects.
  4. I would recommend Fontaine by Zach Mueller because that is the very first download I ever bough, five speed by Chris Kenner, and sneak peek by spider. These are all fairly simple effects yet powerful. I actually always perform these effects so lol
  5. save your money and buy a book. If you are just beginning, I would look in the Royal Road to Card magic, or Even Card college 1/Card College Light. As well, I would look into card manipulations 1-5, Expert Card Technique, and (if you can find it) The Amateur Magician's Handbook. I started with the Bob Longe book's which, 10 years ago, were super easy to find in any Barne's and Noble.

    It's a waste of time to just learn tricks. Even if you just want to learn a few tricks to impress people, it's far better to actually sit down and read the techniques themselves than to see them suboptimally taught.

    But it's whatever you want to do brother!
  6. I also recommend spending your money on something more substantial such as a book. But to answer your question, i would highly recommend 5-speed by Chris Kenner, Untitled by Luke Dancy (even though i don't care for the guy, it's a good simple effect) and Shifty by Chris Kenner. I would also highly recommend ditching the Brad Christian dvds. They really are quite garbage. Pick up instead Royal Road to Card Magic, Expert at the card table, Expert Card technique and Foundations by Jason England. That should keep you busy for the next 2-20 years.
  7. Thanks for that advice. I already own RRCM and am working through that. I just personally like visual teachings paired with the book.

  8. I wouldn't say BC DVD's are garbage. They teach the same basic's as the book, just in a more applied setting. I also own RRCM so I am getting that info too. But anyways, thanks for your comment i appreciate the help!

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