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  1. What are your top 5 effects and routines for a close-up performance?
  2. Hmm well for walk around I love
    - Here Then There
    - Hand Sandwich followed by Ambitious Card
    - Color Changing Deck
    - Prophet
    - Invisible Deck
  3. I will list items you could buy, because otherwise my list wouldnt be any help lol

    Time is Money and Double Exposure by Asi Wind (Though for more formal settings I use my Modern Triumph)

    Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders - Ending with Karl Heins Rainmaker.

    Usually end with some sort of mindreading effect :)
  4. I'm interested but I'm on vacation right now, I'll message you when I get home
  5. Magicians sure do love lists.

    1) A trick you can only do if you've learned my skill set
    2) A bit that most magicians aren't willing to call a trick because 'everyone knows about that it'll never fool anyone'
    3) A routine you'd only be willing to do if you are open to doing supernatural presentations for real
    4) A routine I'm not willing to share
    5) Hypnosis and pseudo hypnosis.
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    1) Tenyo Magical Sneakers
    2) One Handed Cutting the Aces
    3) Tenyo Clean Cut
    4) Magic Works Ghost Card
    5) Tenyo Burglar Ball

    I'm hoping to add Mechanic's Pass and Raise Rise very soon.
  7. That's one of my favorites - equally good for laymen as it is for fooling magicians.

    To answer the first post :
    You should do the routines you've learned that are also good for close-up situations. Mine are not better than yours (I may do them better, hard to tell without anything to go on) but yours are just fine. Learn things you want to do and do them.

    Are you curious for any real reason? Are you looking to snipe other peoples set-lists? Want to learn what else is out there (this is okay, looking around for ideas of what's out there is always okay) or did you want to fast track your way to be someone else?

    I tend to perform based on situations - whatever feels good for that moment, that group, that time...could be a stupid card trick (like the one where you do the thing and then it's all magical) or some form of mind I close up on a Saturday afternoon in the park or is it midnight in a haunted house on halloween...

    Not enough information - or any real motivation - so I hope you find what you're looking for AE3erdion.
  8. 1. Smoke production/transposition with A.Rorrison's Smoke gimmick.
    2. Variation of Stigmata using digits on a credit card/banknote
    3. Coin Bend
    4. TnR Business Card
    5. A penny for your thoughts

  9. I also do 1,2,4. Great reactions.

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  10. Hahahahahahahahaha

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