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  1. What's a good DVD that teaches the top change? Thanks!

    Can the top change be done 100 % invisible?
  2. It won't be 100% invisible. Just like a pass. Due to the sheer nature of the sleight. But it can be pretty darn invisible with the right positioning of your hands, body, misdirection, etc... even a rock of the hands can make it pretty invisible. I highly recommend the same product recommended to me by a friend. David Williamson's Top Change download in Dan and Dave is incredible. My top change went from being awkward to fluid in a night. It's not perfect by any means but it's 10 times better now.
  3. David Williamson has one of if not the nicest top change I have ever seen.

    The on demand at Dan and Dave is very very good.
  4. The way to make it 100% invisible is to only ever do it when people aren't looking. In other words, really think about your timing and misdirection as much as the movement of your hands, and make that an intrinsic part of your practice. I recommend studying the card work of Tom Mullica, Dave Williamson, Derren Brown, Slydini, and Juan Tamariz to get a feel for their use of misdirection.
  5. David Williamson is the master of the top change
  6. The Williamson download is good, although you're better off figuring out your own body language and thinking about your own sense of timing than duplicating his little finesses. Actually, the best thing on the top change I've come across recently is this conversation on the top change vs. the double lift between Andrew Musgrave and Tyler Erickson.

    It's free, and there's a ton of good information here. Most importantly, it stresses that the top change is not 100% burnable, and it's a mistake to treat it as if it is. It really is about timing and misdirection.
  7. It is interesting that you brought up the TC and DL debate.

    Way back when I use to perform the ACR almost every phase I had was on the off beat do a top change but and get a break under the selection. I would then place the x-card on top of the deck and be in the perfect position to do a double lift. And just repeat that over and over again. Admittedly my ACR was only three phases for reasons I have stated else where but it could have gone on for 100 with that combination.

    The reason being is body language once the card comes to the top in the laymen's eyes the trick is over and at that moment I would step back and become more relaxed, meaning to me the effect was over then I would draw the attention back in and repeat it. There were a few other things that I would do however they are for a different thread altogether.
  8. Yes YOU CAN. You can't hide that your hand move closer together, but I can do a burnable top change. So can you. Always use misdirection, but yes it can be invisible.
  9. It's funny you mention this, I recently listened to this as well as their discussion on the pass. It was amazingly simple to follow, although it was a bit tiring at times.

    As a side-note, the Musgrave and Erickson talks are very enlightening. Worthwhile discussions for any serious student of card magic.

    Now, on to the part that matters the most: A second vote from me on timing and misdirection. Rhythm is everything on it. I'm not saying you have to have them burning the deck to do it, but I'm not saying you have to have them looking at you either. I've had people look at the deck while I did a slight neck-tie or wrist kill action. Rhythm is key to a deceptive top change. Of course, not looking at the pack is the preferred route to go with the top change.

    Other then that, I say re-read Erdnase and get the Williamson download, if you haven't already. You'll benefit from both if you adapt the top change to yourself.

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