Top Ten card tricks to master

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cardmagic12345, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Top Ten card tricks to master

    Whats the tricks that card magician should definitely use like all the time.

    Just the ten most performed card tricks you perform.

    Please only answer if you have experence .
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  2. Instead of specific tricks, I would recommend working on the mastery of certain sleights, since once mastered, they enable you to perform many other tricks (once you include the presentation etc.). Certain sleights I would recommend working hard on are:

    Top Change
    False Shuffle
    Top Palm
    Bottom Palm
    Spread Cull

    Basically, work through Card College, Expert At the Card Table, Expert Card Technique, and Royal Road, and all the tools will be in your arsenal.

    Hope this helps.

  3. i would say my top ten (in no specific order) are:

    1. biddle trick (or any triumph routine for that fact)
    2. any variations on collectors
    3. the two card monte
    4. i particularly like hedburgs peak by the bucks (good impromptu effect)
    5. jumping gemini or crazy cards
    6. ambitious card routine
    7. any transposition of two cards. ive recently been into the tivo transpos but ive previously been using the ultimate transpo
    8. quick as lightning (for those show me a quick trick situations)
    9. color changes (ive found that performing a bunch of color changes in sequence gets a really reaction)
    10. any kind of card to pocket, mouth, shoe, etc
  4. Firstly, unless your a card magician, I don't think you should present ten card tricks everytime you perform. Unless you have a very dynamic personality, or again, you are a card magician, your set should be a little more varied than that.

    Secondly, this is a question that can't be answered. What makes magic so good is that it is an individual endeavour, and everybody has individual tastes. If we all did the same card tricks, none of us would be individual and magic would become complete tripe.

    Classics can include - The Ambitious Card, Triumph and Card on Ceiling, but none of these are must haves for a performer. No effect is a must-have for a magician, and anyone who thinks that is a stick in mud.


    (Please don't think I was being rude, I was merely sharing my thoughts. All the best)
  5. 1. two card monte
    2. Biddle Trick
    3. prediction cards (out of gaff deck)
    4. ultimate card transpo
    5. profercy move insersion trick (micheal ammars vol 5 of easy to master card miracles)
    6. ten city (my variation)
    7. Further than That
    8. Magicians guarantee
    9. Jokers guarantee
    10. Card to mouth
  6. I cannot give you 10 tricks, but, in fact, I often do :

    - card change in the spectator's hand
    - Card face up in the deck
    - A routine with a pen and a coin (I don't remember the name)
    - A routine with a ring, seen in Gaston Quieto DVD (ring flyies from a hand to another)
    - WOW from Masuda!!!
    - ....Impromptue routine!
  7. I think it would be more interesting to ask WHY as well.
    For instance, one could say that it is important for a magician to learn the 2 card Monte (for example) because it teaches them audience control.

    I'd be interested why people think these are important.

  8. This will be different for everyone as there's soooo many effects/routines involving cards

    Only you can decide whats best for you and how you want to present the effects

    Cody Fisher gave some good advice

    Basically every effect can be made into a powerful experience... but i'll name a couple of different effects, not actual products but style of effect

    Remember that it's always good to infuse your own personality within the effects you perform and to make each effect your own


    Colour changing deck
    Oil and water
    card to ?
    Card through window
    Poker demonstration
    etc etc etc

    My actual favourite card routine at this time is MindPlay by Christopher Williams
  9. It really depends on your style of performance. The best magicians/sleight-of-hand artists are those who's personality supersedes the actual tricks that they do. No one can give a list of effects that all card workers MUST be able to perform. However, there are some classic plots and effects that it's worth considering to see if you can fit them into your own persona, like Oil and Water, Out of this World, Collectors, Ambitious Card etc. The important thing to consider is what your presentation of any effect says about you as a performer.

    However, if it's any use to you, here are some effects that I perform regularly:

    1. Flourish production of selection (Top Shot/Hot Shot//long-distance spinner behind back & catch in mouth if I'm feeling adventurous)
    2. Colour changes (the exact moves I use depend on situation/angles)
    3. Single selection control routine (ambitious card/card to various locations)
    4. Three Card Monte
    5. Gambling demonstration
    6. Riffle force (presented as psychology/reading tells)
    7. Card at any number using bottom deal (presented as a psychological force of a number)
    8. Derren Brown's Impromptu Haunted Deck from the Devil's Picturebook (always as a closer)
  10. I change my routine a lot but 2 tricks I tend to always do are The Ambitious Card and Triumph.
  11. how about

    Here then there, easy but very effective and the handling has applications elsewhere
  12. In my opinion, THE trick you should learn, practice, perform, be ocmfortable with and make your own is an Ambitious Card Routine. Create one that fits YOUR presonality and performing style and practice it until you could do it with your eyes closed and in any situation. I promise, the hard work you put into it WILL pay off.

    Another good trick to have in your arsenal is a good impromptu trick/routine with one coin. Think of the possibilities! You could perform it wherever someone has a coin. Again, this is something all good magicians should have. Following along these lines, a good, short (3 or so tricks) FASDIU (from a shuffled deck in use) routine will prove invaluable for the times when someone hands you a deck and says "show me something".

    Hope that helped.
  13. 1 ambitious card (darryl )
    2 reset ( paul harris )
    3 blindsided ( oz pearlman )
    4 Anniversary Waltz
    5 indecent ( wayne houchin )
    6 royal ace assembly
    7 triumph
    8 3 card monté
    9 card to pocket ( brian tudor )
    10 tivo 2.0 ( dan & dave )
  14. Subway
    tivo transpo
  15. 1. two card monte
    2. stigmata
    3. triumph
    4. ACR
    5. terra unfirma
    6. card to mouth
    7. card on ceiling
    8. boxmonster
    9. wiregrams
    10. One of your own homemade tricks

    These are the top 10 i would recommend I'm kind of an all round person, so I like a little mentalism as well as regular card tricks
  16. Some really good tricks IMO opinion:

    Bebel's Sandwich Routine.
    Bebel's Everywhere and Nowhere.
    Derren's 3 card routine.
    Jacksyncapsis from the book By Forces Unseen ( that transposition trick pwns all IMO :D )
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  17. where can i find stuff by bebel
  18. i agree to first reply in the thread.
    It is not a particular trick any magician should know. It is the slight itself.

    Becuz if you know many slights and if you are able to do them casual and smooth and are able to do all the tricks people posted in here.

    I think one of the basics a magician, who takes his hobby serious should know about is doing flourishy and natural double lifts.

  19. top ten card tricks

    1. Ultimate transpo (here, then there)
    2. Two Card Monte
    3. Biddle Trick
    4. Ambitious Card
    5. Wave the Aces
    6. Card in Hand
    7. Card in Mouth
    8. Out of this World
    9. Triumph
    10. Design for Laughter

    These trick are great because most of them can be done statbding up. Most of them are impromptu. They are easy to do. They all involve audience participation.
  20. forgery
    fastest card trick in the world
    this n that
    card transpo's
    mind reading or card predicitons
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