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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Adrian Tugui, May 5, 2012.

  1. Hello again t11 comunity!

    As I said in one of my previous threads, I will only ask certain things from now on because I see that you guys can help one very much.

    To the point! Can you guys post here some/your favourite Torn and Restored effects??
    I already know the ones done by DG, Mathieu Bich and REF4M ( I'm sorry for not posting his name, but I can't remember it right now and I'm in a hurry ). Any other TnR effects out there that are worth checking out?
  2. Cue shameless self promotion...

    I released a T'n'R called Restored on The Wire and it became an instant best seller. What makes this stand out above the rest of the TnR's out there is that you can show it front and back throughout the whole routine and the last piece is done edge by edge.

    Check it out: Restored // Lloyd Barnes

  3. Oh for the love of god why does my mind go blank now when I started typing?! Urgh. There's a TNR that Kevin James was talking about a year ago and it kills, I just can't remember what it's called. For lack of memory recolation I'd pimp Lloyd's effect as well. I've heard good things about it in reviews.

    I'm off to do research. Maybe Draper knows the effect I'm looking for?
  4. The best T'n'R in my opinion is Reformation by Guy Hollingworth but it's also one of the harder ones to do and isn't practical.
  5. "Fourfit" on The Blue Crown looks pretty amazing
  6. Best torn and restored card? I can't help but think that this question is being asked mostly off of methodolgy or visualness. Well if you are a jerk as a person, but own a lambo but still a jerk when at the bars, do you think something other than a one time fling will flourish? TnR is a plot line, flashiness is nice but if it lacks a soul (is a jerk), then it won't go past flashy IMO.

    If you want the best TnR, spend some time researching. It'll cost you some money, but purchased and ask other magicians at conventions etc. about TnRs. Then you construct an actual presentation that makes sense and then Frankenstein different moves from other TnRs. The effect has been played out so much that in order to be different or stand out (Among the community of magicians), you gotta give it some extra love.

    "You know, I've played with these cards until they were worn white. Some of them even teared. But that doesn't make sense to me. If I was a magician, why would my instruments age or break? My friends there is a simple explanation. If I were to make something live forever, it would cause a paradox and throw off the balance of life. Death brings life and vice-versa and as a supposed magical being I would have to be careful onto what I alter in real life for this very reason. It is always the evil villains that attempt to cause change, but the good and just fight against it to restore order. Make sense to you?

    However, I don't see any reason why a bit of magical peacockery can't be had right now in front of this lovely audience. Please would you sign the back of the card and you miss sign the front? Much appreciated. Huh, you both have better hand writing then myself. My words always come out as circles, squiggly lines, and pentegrams. Anyway, DEATH! Now both X and Y's signatures have been slain in a most vicious way. Torn limb from limb, bones crunching, flesh tearing, blood spewing. Woops sorry got a little excited there. But with death comes life each restoration of a bodies limb much more graphic then the last. Until soon, the body is one once more. But now we have a quandry, I'm not religious, but some believe that a soul leaves the body with death. What do we have now? That's right a vessel of what once was. It lies in wait until something possesses it, unfortunately it isn't always so kind. Return to death foul thing." The magician re-tears the card as droplets of blood form at the seems and drip onto the ground.

    That is a rough draft of a presentation that I've been working on. Have fun.
  7. ummmm

    Im not trying to be jerk but didnt anyone understand anything from KeoSilver post?

    Most trn in the basic are the same really... the biggest difference in most is the handling and how angle sensitive they are. Loyd looks wicked (dont have myself) I always like Daniel Garcias Torn..and Torn Too.

  8. Keo, he asked for our favourite TnR's. He's not asking for your masterclass on presentation. It does annoy me when people ask a simple question and the answer they get doesn't actually answer the question. You also think too much like a magician. TnR hasn't been played out to audiences at all. Go to a busy market square, show 500 people any TnR and the chances are that not one of them will have seen anything like it before in their life.
  9. Agreed

    Agree with every word....

  10. When I say played out I don't mean to the lay audience I'm talking strictly among the magic community. My point is there is no such thing as best TNR. Much like you've stated, you didn't originally answer his question either.

    "The best T'n'R in my opinion is Reformation by Guy Hollingworth but it's also one of the harder ones to do and isn't practical." ~fromula

    Is that your favorite or is that what you feel is the best?

    My favorite TNR as previously stated are the ones with presentation and has different handelings that don't use the exact handling as taught, but bits and pieces of other handlings that have been smashed into a unique presentation that fits the performer. I wouldn't know anything about current TnRs because I haven't bought anything new in over two years. Anyway, glad to see the forum is still dull. Be well.
  11. Magic for the magicians is completely different to magic for audiences though. I know what you mean about the plot being done over and over but it's completely new to the majority of spectators so I think what you said is void, if Ady01 is performing for lay people that is.

    With regards to the Reformation, I think it looks the most magical from the spectators point of view and therefore the best. It's not as practical as something like REF4M though.
  12. REF4M has gotten kind of a bad rap because it destroys the card at the end of the effect, thus not leaving them with the restored card to enhance their memory of the event. Wayne Houchin also has a really good TnR card, but he rarely puts it out, unless you attend his lectures.
  13. I like the "Bogus TnR" off of Troy Hooser's Total Destruction DVD set. It's pretty basic, but has a great presentation, is very justified and visual. It's not exactly the "Piece by Piece" style of today, but it's a fantastic routine.

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