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  1. I'm looking for a TnR that is impromptu or has minimal setup. Not only that, but I would like for it to be angle-friendly as well. I've done some research, but it can be overwhelming at times. Please help me find a TnR that is both effective and practical.

    P.S. I feel that older material would be more beneficial than the latest products.
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    Guy Hollingworth's Reformation: Very hard, but the best you can get in T&R and the most magical looking one of them.

    Cameron Francis's Rehab:Angle-Friendly, you can show the card 360 on the second restoration and very minimal set-up.

    The Reperation by John Lovick: From what I've heard a very good and well thought out T&R that's really worth looking into.

  3. I hoenstly think you're pushing it a bit with your criteria, I hope you're not expecting perfect marks in both categories. Probably the most angle-friendly T&R I've seen is Rehab. Reformation is brilliant too though, I love it, and the book is just plain brilliant.
  4. Torn is alright; the handling is somewhat simple, minimal setup. (Daniel Garcia)

    Reformation is difficult, but absolutely brilliant. (Guy Hollingsworth)

    I have a TNR (dubbed resTORE), inspired by Torn, which I'll be releasing via video FOR FREE. It's due to come out in a few weeks.

    Also, if you wait just a few months, you will have the ability to purchase one of the most amazing TNR's I have seen... It absolutely floored me, and was created by one of the people I consider a top performer of our time.
  5. Reformation is defiantly worth it, setup takes like... 10 seconds. But make no mistake it is very difficult to do it correctly.
  6. Is there any way to get more details on this?
  7. It requires very, very little setup (can be completely finished in under a minute).
    No gimmicks.
    Your hands can be shown empty throughout the performance.
    You end completely clean.
    It looks absolutely beautiful from pretty much all angles for most of the performance.
    You know the creator of the effect.

    That is all I can leak, and this is the only time I will type it up. Enjoy.
  8. It sounds great. My guess is it's from Cliff B. Just a guess...;)
  9. I know Wayne Houchin will be coming out with a Torn and Restored in a while. At least that's what he said when I met him. I've seen it, and it's very cool. The method is also great.
  10. You're probably right praetoritevong. I just expect too much I guess. Anyways, what about Troy Hooser's Bogus Torn and Restored Card, David Williamson's Torn and Restored Transposition, and J.C. Wagners One Tear at a Time? Are any of these recommended?
  11. for IMPROMPTU I would reccomend:
    or re-incardnation
    both simple and sompletely impromptu

    un impromtptu:
    pretty much everything that's been mentioned already
  12. subtle. just kidding. it's a great effect and deserves to be up there.
  13. You're a tricky one David. I must say, Impromptorn does look tempting though. I guess I'll just wait a couple months to see what comes out, then make my decision from there. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
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    this is the 2nd time i mentioned this but ultimate ripoff by paul harris is a one card tnr card with no setup or gimmicks
  15. Yes, I'm aware of this. But Ultimate Ripoff isn't a complete restoration, correct?
  16. s

    nope, just 3 parts. theres a full restoration, but its a bit confusing and doesnt look good, or at least i dont think so.
  17. Are you serious?! Also can anyone tell me where you can purchase Guy Hollingworth's Reformation?
  18. You can purchase it here:

    Reformation is in his book Drawing Room Deceptions along with his other marvelous card material and routines.
  19. In my opinion, Daniel Garcia's original "Torn" is the very best. Hardly and set up, and it's as visual, if not more than others.


    I won free stuff from Element! It's 100% legit straight from the Element site!

  20. The book is fantastic, though often rather difficult, certainly for the intermediate to advanced performer. Great T&R, though.

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