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    Hey guys, so i spent about nearly half a year practicing tornado cut(well not all the time) and i want to see you guys speed, i will soon post my speed on and show it to you guys :)) see who's the fastest
    Uploaded on 7/4, my speed :):
    That's my speed there, i used my pinky to assist the spin so it's easier and quicker :))
  2. I have never attempted this cut, excellent! I'll have to give this a try and see how I do.

    - Steve
  3. lol come on guys, no one do this cut? rlly?
  4. I could never do it that great. Sorry you don't have any takers this section of the forums never seems to be very popular :/
  5. Every attempt at the tornado cut has been a failure for me. Can you tell me how to spin the pack better? I've watched the virts hints and tips, and numerous other videos, but I can't manage to actually spin it.... I can only manage to push it
  6. I'd love to see manipulation routines with more variety to them, so I'm going to take this opportunity to present this challenge to all you manipulation artists out there. I won't be competing because I'm not a flourish or manipulation expert, but I want to see some genuine talent go head-to-head using one of the following songs as the musical accompaniment to your routine:
  7. The trick to the tornado cut is keeping your squeeze on the packet between your pinkie and palm light.You don't need to focus on agressive packet flicking,the speed comes after smoothness.

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