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  1. Hi guys,i was chilling and watching test room by the virts which you might know and a really appealing flourish crosses my eye.It's called Tornado VBH i think it's one of daren yeow's signature flourishes.So i was looking around for a tutorial,can't find it.Checked out the website..still no.Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial and if they could direct me to it.Thanks -.-
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    For what i know, there was a tutorial, an old one, but if you looking for Ashford Kneitel's tornado cut, i'm sorry i don't know where exactly you can find it.
  3. According to a comment by Kevin on the video, Tornado VBH is apparently a move by Huron. He's been doing it for ages, but I don't know of any tutorials. There may be one floating around, but I haven't come across it.

  4. Alright thanks :D

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