Total Coincidence (Tamariz) or Coincidental (Scott Guinn)?

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    I've been trying to decide which of these 2 tricks is better in general:
    I recently learned Juan Tamariz's 2 deck routine Total Coincidence. It's one of my favorite card effects.
    2 decks is kind of inconvenient so Scott Guinn adapted this routine to using only 1 deck, which he called Coincidental. Same amount of phases/climaxes and stuff.

    Thoughts (from what I heard; I don't have Coincidental.)
    -It seems like T.C. (total coincidence) is more visual as it uses exact duplicates rather than just color and numbers. (It's also fun to ribbon spread both decks faroed into each other.)
    -What are your thoughts on TC's mixed backs vs Coincidental's face up and face down?
    -TC requires less sleight of hand.
    -Both require extensive setup, although Coincidental needs less (it's only 1 deck).

    (This is for those of you that know both tricks.)

    Which one is generally more practical?
    I don't usually carry around 2 decks, but T.C. is such a hard hitting closer....or should I learn how to do both? :(
    Can't decide whether to buy Coincidental or not.


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