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  1. So i'm thinking of buying Totally Out of Control. I hear it's a pretty complicated book, but I pretty much have my basic card knowledge down. Are there any coin sleights I'll need to know?
  2. Well you can learn O.O.S.P.C.A as long as you have the classic palm down pretty much, and it's an awesome trick.
  3. Basic card knowledge? If you don't got the basics down on coins it'll be a bit challenging, if you don't have Bobo's book and have gotten down atleast the first two chapter they'll be a bit hard. I am new to coin magic and could understand them, but could not do them well.

  4. If you really try and do your absolutly best, I think you you can handle this book if you have some really basic moves down.

    - Marcus
  5. Where can you buy TOOC? I've been thinking about getting it for a little while now...
  6. Chris basically teaches you the sleights you'll be using anyway, but as with everything ,you will need to learn the sleights inside out.
    he does teach some really nice sleights though, the himber clink pass, latta's open shuttle, john cornelius' fingertip vanish, and his one handed vanish in particular.

  7. :p:p:p
    Go to From there click onto the "Kaufman and Company" icon. Click on the "books & videos" icon and you're there. I believe it sells for $45.00. It's one of the coolest books around. The coin stuff goes under the premise you have a reasonable background, but it's certainly not out of anyone's reach if they put in the necessary time. Highlights for me?: Missing Link, Hellbound, Menage a Trois, Long Gone Silver. Plus the book itself is a fun read. There's lots of neat stuff going on in the background. If that doesn't make sense now, it will when you get the book. Enjoy!
    I'm going to brag for a sec. I've got my copy signed by Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag & David Copperfield.
  8. thx (word count)

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