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  1. Hi guys,

    I've been searching the forums with no luck finding what I'm looking for. The Totally Out of Control DVD with Chris Kenner, was announced in '08, but since then I haven't seen or heard anything...?

    Has the project been skipped completely or will it eventually be released in a near future?

    All the best,
  2. The last time I heard about it was when JB mentioned that they were still producing it in the "Lets talk about Genesis" roundtable discussion with Andrei Jikh.
  3. it was put on an indefinite hold. However the mentioned that they want it to be perfect, and that they were hopefully working with a real famous director (wonder who that could be) and because Chris is a perfectionist that it would be out when he was happy with the end product. That said, Chris is an extremely busy guy between David's show on the road, his show in vegas, where he is now, and his newest bundle of magic Zoe. So while i hope its still in the works, i am content to wait till its perfect and possible for chris to work on. I wouldn't hold your breath till its out though. In the meantime go pick up the book if you haven't already, or look into finding some of the Magic Man Examiner's. Both contain some amazing material
  4. Rumour has it that Kenner got Michael Bay to direct the DVD.
    Big explosions and CG everywhere.
    Can you imagine 3Fly with explosions!

  5. Wow... This is so over the top, that I can't even fathom a proper comment...
  6. My thoughts exactly! :D

    "This summer. The new Michael Bay film is released. And one man! Who is Totally Out Of Control!"

    I really look forward to the actual project though! The book is fantastic no doubt :)
  7. its definitely not michael bay. Everything Michael Bay touches is crap, and everything Chris Kenner touches is Amazing. The two forces would cancel each other out.

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