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  1. Hey everyone, I just purchased Totally Out of Control and i am waiting for it to ship to me. I was just wondering what kinda gaffs i will need. I have read the review but it really doesn't give me what i am going to have to use to accomplish some of the effects. Can anyone help me out?
  2. i think its mostly impromptu
  3. From what I remember there are no gaffs in that book, all of the things in that book are accomplished with sleight of hand with the exception of 3-D ropes which lends itself some help with a little something but you don't buy it from a magic shop. Hope that helps! :p
  4. It might do to have a little bit of double stick tape, some sticky-tac (used to hang posters), and the occasional coin shell.
  5. so you do need coin shells to do some of the tricks?
  6. only one or two of the tricks require a shell.
  7. There is a hold out used in one of the tricks. Basically a hold out, shell, double sided tape, and some sticky tac. Oh and some coins and a deck of cards ;)
  8. For one coin effect you need 5 coins and a shell.(I wish I knew about this before since I already have my 4 coins)
  9. I know this is stating the obvious but it depends on which tricks from the book you want to do.

    Most of the card tricks are impromptu and the necessary component for those that aren't can be had at staples for next to nothing.

    The coin tricks tend to be more gaff intensive using all sorts of items from extra coins of a contrasting color to droppers, handkerchiefs, wands, specific types of soft coins that can be found at rare coin dealers and, of course, the well known gaffs to match any coins.

    Also there's a trick that requires you customize the printing of your business cards which was always too much of an investment for me to try. He's got the cigar routine which requires wooden cigars and a specifically sized purse. And, then there's a couple of rubber band tricks that require, obviously, rubber bands but he was pretty specific about which type and size.

    I mostly stuck with the card tricks, and worked out the puzzles. The puzzles were a lot of fun.


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