"Totally Out of Control"

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  1. Does anyone know when the DvD to this excellent book is coming out?
    Or where I can find and purchase this book?

    I think Theory11 had something a while back on this, but I can't find it.

  2. Use the search button for word on the DVD
    and if you google the book name you'll find it. If not,they sell it at DnD.com
  3. more details will be released soon. cerca trova

    or, as mentioned you caan purchase the book here.
  4. the dvd project has been put on hold as Chris has been very busy and he was unsatisfied with the footage so far. Being that this is one of Chris's greatest compilations of some of his greatest magical work it can be expected that he wants it to be perfect. However being on tour with Copperfield and working on other projects as well as preparing for the family addition that is upcoming means he has less time than he would prefer to work on the dvd. As of now it has been put on a back burner and no info on it is being released nor is it known when it will be brought back to light or more info will be released.
  5. hurry it up Mr. Kenner! :mad:
  6. If you had a choice between touring with David Copperfield, and making a DVD that 75% of purchases will be from ackward 12-year-olds , which would you choose?

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