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  1. Hey guys,

    I have been performing magic for about 3 years. The question I have is what do you guys do when met with tough audience. I'm not talking about hecklers here. Im referring to audience who generally does not respond to magic. People who just dont find magic entertaining.

    Do you guys keep performing ? What do you guys do when met with such a situation.
  2. Personally when I perform the show no matter how small or large is about my audience. If the audience is a little closed down to this idea I become their friend first and the performed second.
  3. Are you referring to people who just sort of say "Hmm, that's cool." whenever you pull off a great trick?
  4. I have a friend who seems to give absolute ZERO reaction whenever I perform. Is this the type of person you're talkin' about?

    She's not responsive not because she's SHOCKED with amazement. There are just some people who don't have that kind of...explosive reaction I guess. Whatever you do, don't blame it on yourself. Different people respond to different kinds of magic. For example, my friend didn't respond to my performance of Biddle Trick, but she went berserk when I performed Saw. Then again, who wouldn't respond to Saw? lolololz

    In that situation, however, if I get no response, I would aim my performance towards another audience member. However, if it's a one-on-one type of situation, then...I can't really help ya there buddy. I've never been in that kind of predicament before.
  5. To those who do not perform on stages, a closed audience is when an audience has basically locked you out from their minds and just coldly look at what you are doing expecting nothing and rather doing something else with that time.

    It depends on the situation but i try to get them into the mood by making things a little more personal, giving them some of my experiences and try to make them relate. I also use the friendship bond(said by D ICE R) which basically lands in the same alley as the first.

    It's really hard to explain for me since i've developed my own kind of formula for it and it's difficult to word out. The best thing to do is take advantage and try out different ways to communicate with the audience, with every gig you should start seeing results and finally will get an idea of how to deal with it.

  6. thanks for the replies

    Yes i was referring to those whom just dont react to anything. To be exact this was the scenario.

    I perform for fun so i do not do any paid gigs. I mainly perform to friends when requested or the usual casual performing. However there was this friend's friend who heard about me performing magic. She asked if i could perform for her.

    From what i gathered, to her magic are bizarre acts that you see on television. Body sawing, appearing doves and what not. Unfortunately I'm a card person and she dont seem all too impressed with cards.

    I started with a card transportation which she was not impress with. Or at least she had no reaction. Right after that i did an ACR which her reaction was rather dull as well. Hence I slowly ease myself out of performing and started talking about other stuff instead.

    It was then when she talked about butterfly and i knew it was the time. I had my folded note in wallet and some loops to do LIFE by danny garcia. I did it and it blew her mind it was totally different to the card tricks.

    Its all good in the end. Its just that card tricks are my main act and it sucks to not be able to connect to the audience. Yes and this was a one to one situation which sucks even more when she was not responsive. I guess some people just does not like card tricks
  7. Hey Onimama,

    You were right, it is hard to deal where you face a situation with 1-on-1 person only. I think that the friend you were performing has high expectations of you based on what she has seen. It's always a good idea to branch our your magic, other than cards.
  8. it is possible to be a guy who only does cards. the only thing is thats what most young hack magicians (like myself) are doing. we all just do cards. we dont perform cards we do them. (i'm not saying this is you, but it could be, i don't know either way)

    we need to give our card effects meaning. there are soo many ways to add meaning. i'm beginning to try to find ways to add a sense of risk to my performances. when the spectator sees that you might lose something on this. they suddenly start to care. thats just one way to add meaning. there are tons more (Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz is loaded with them)

    for example: i do a simple-tastic easy card trick. i've even begun adding a pass just to make it more fun for me. (and more convincing for my audience, but either way) where i put (i dont know we'll say) my babe ruth rookie card down on the table and set a sharpie marker on top promising to scribble all over it if i fail.

    then i flip the 'top' card saying 'AND THIS IS YOUR CARD!!!" it clearly isn't so i pop it into my mouth then give the cards a quick cut and flip the next top card. saying 'THEN THIS MUST BE YOUR CARD!!" they say nope. so i have them look through the deck for their card. mourning the loss of my babe ruth rookie card (?) when it turns out they can't find their card. i ask what their card is and they tell me. i then reveal it in my mouth. and then jump for joy!

    you see?

    it matters to them. even better is to do a couple more failed attempts at cutting to their card. adds suspense. "make them care, then make them wait"
  9. Some audience members simply do not enjoy magic at all or may only enjoy certain types of magic. I have found that most people (audiences) DO NOT want to see more than one or two card effects in my entire 45 minute close up show. I could spend the entire show blowing them away with sleights and cards but that is not what they want.

    Therefore you guys DO need to branch out a bit and do the spongeballs, rubberbands, levitations, gimmicked props, ropes, coins, etc. That way something will spark their interest.

    If the entire audience has gone cold on might want to take up knitting.
  10. This is true. A lot of times the "magic" is up to the audience to percieve. So, you should make it better than asking us when most of us don't have 3 years like the OP.
  11. I also like performing "style" card effects. I act as if i failed when I'm infact miles ahead of them. I also like effects with kicker ending, just when they thought the effect was over ... KABAM !!!!

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