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    Here's a flourish i've kept with me for a while and one that i've shown only to a few others. I've been flourishing for 3 years, I thought its time I gave something back to the community.
    Hope you'll take the time to learn it!

    Visit the link and Watch in HD!

  2. I find myself...speechless.


  3. Thanks Gustav!
  4. I have to say again - top notch in quality and content!

    Im having a little trouble with the first step, where the card is rotated from the deck, but I've only tried it a coupl eof times. Can't wait until I get it down!

    (hey, I'm not speechless anymore!)

  5. The card rotates around the two middle fingers. Although, the right hand does all the motion, the right middle finger rotates around the left middle finger (which stays stationary). Try and curl the right middle finger in at the first joint (it helps you control the card) :)

    Hope it helps! let me know how that goes ;)
  6. Awesome. Great tutorial, beautiful flourish. I don't the card rotates enough though, you should probably add about 7 more ;).

    In all seriousness I love the look of it and want to see some of your stuff at the next meet-up. I didn't really get the chance to watch you that much, next time I'll be sure to.


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