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    Hi everybody!

    I submitted 2 tricks to the Wire, after working on them for a couple of months. The Wire's team told me one of the two tricks was great and fooled them, while they thought the second one was awkward and fishy. They suggested re-shooting only the first trick... and this is what I did! Like I said, even though they may ask me modify minor details to the package, the effect itself is basically already accepted.

    Here's a link to the trailer:

    I really hope you enjoy it, and any feedback would be REALLY appreciated!

    Marc-Antoine Denis

    EDIT: After receiving some feedback, I finally modified the video, so here's the final trailer:
  2. Why does the first 2 performances look so different from the full performance?
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    I wanted to show two ways of performing the basic effect. One where the hands are separated, and another one where the hands execute a rotation movement. I could have done the full performance with the hands clearly separated, it doesn't matter! :) Which performance did you liked the best?

    Marc-Antoine Denis
  4. Looks very nice. Finally more coin magic for the wire!
  5. yeah the Wire needs more coin magic :)
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    Yes I agree! I think it's a little harder to innovate in this branch of magic, simply because creating a new palm or a new false transfer is really hard (I didn't create a new palm/transfer) ! I think thiis is why people start incorporating other objects to open up the possibilities (ex: Lockdown by Rob Greenlee).

    Marc-Antoine Denis

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