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Train Mnemonica

Sep 1, 2007
Hey, i Found This Co0l App for iPhone / iPod Touch!

Here is de Description:
-----------MNEMONICA TRAINER-----------------



This Application is only for MAGICIANS!

Do You want to Train Juan Tamariz Mnemonica Stack?
With This App You will be able to train EVERYWHERE!

Have you ever forget of a Card and Ruin a Trick?
You can Solve that problem with this app, you will be able to watch the card you have forget.

For Training this Stack you can view the Whole Stack, or go to Train Mode.
In Train mode you can chose to Watch a Random number from 1 to 52 (All Cards) and you have to think of the corresponding card, or you can hide the numbers and View the cards, then you have to think of the number.

Do You Want to Learn Juan Tamariz Mnemonica Stack?
With this app you will learn it in Hours!



Con esta aplicacion puedes entrenar en cualquier momento. Ve el orden completo o entra a el Modo de Entrenamiento.
En el Modo entrenamiento podras ver el orden completo. Tambien puedes darle click a Next y se aparecera una carta y su numero correspondiente al Azar. Podras esconder la carta y ver solo el numero para practicar si sabes el orden. Tambien puedes esconder el numero y ver la carta para pensar en el numero que corresponde.

Approved by Juan Tamariz!
Aug 21, 2009
if this app was free i would have bought it when i was learning mnemonica...

but provided with the methods in the mnemonica book one should remember the stack just fine.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Thanks for the question, you're absolutely right.

There are two stages of Mnemonica training.

The first one is memorising the stack. This is perhaps the most difficult stage. But, Tamariz gives five methods which he says in his experience takes the average person 3 hours to remember. I believe him - it took me 2.5 hours to get the whole stack down. This is where your program or the app above would be helpful.

The second stage of stack training is improving recollection time. First, grab an old deck, put the numbers 1 to 52 on the back of the appropriate card. Go through face up, name the number. Go through face down, name the card. Do a triumph shuffle, name the number and the card. When you can do this instantly, you've gotten as good at the stack as you can possibly get basically.

This second phase is where a random number generator comes in. You already know the stack, and you're sure of it. But, you need to speed up your reaction time. So, grab a random number generator, pick out 100 numbers from 1 to 52. I'm sure there's an equivalent version for cards as well.

A lot of the tricks I'm studying require more than a rudimentary knowledge of the stack. You don't just need to be able to name the card and number - you need to be able to keep track of 4 different points in the stack at the same time, be able to recall every eighth (1 - 4C, 9 - 9S, 17 - 9H, 25 - 5D, 33 - 8C, 41 - 7H, 49 - 10D, 5 - 4H, etc.), fourth, second or sixteenth number as quickly as you could going through the stack sequentially, and be able to switch between these instantly as well.

Furthermore, I find it extremely helpful to be able to recall and instantly know all 8 faces of Mnemonica, not just one. This way, I can give the deck genuine faro shuffles and still operate the stack as if I never shuffled the deck at all. It is at these points that a random number generator comes in handy.
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