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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheoryOfTheAngels, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. hey guys i really like the music in transcode by mattieu bich and i wanted to know if anyone could post it and if so would be able to use it in a video without royalites if we gave credit?
  2. Unless it's public domain music, and I doubt it is if Theory11 is using it in a video, then you don't have the rights to use it without permission even if you give credit.

    Giving credit doesn't equate to having permission. However realistically, unless you're making a profit from the video, your chances of the owners getting upset are fairly slim. Unless their jerks or something.
  3. Colour changin card is most powerfull efekt you can do with cards. Very good trick. And music is even more good. Can we have the name of the song; is it theory11 made or..? Can we have it full version?
  4. I'm telling you it's probably custom made. You won't be able to go torrent this one.
  5. Why you think torrents? maybe if song is in some site for music - for 1-2$ or smth maybe i'll buy it.
  6. Because in calling out the elephant in the room.
  7. That guy has no grammer.

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