Transit By Calen Morelli Review

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  1. This is my first review, so here goes…


    I think you all know the effect. If not, then check out the trailer now because there are many phases and it is kind of hard to explain.

    My thoughts:

    I have to say that I am a little disappointed for two reasons. In the trailer he says it uses a borrowed rubber band and two hands. The rubber band is NOT borrowed, unless the spectator just happens to have the right kind of rubber band, which is not very likely. Also, there is an extra gimmick that you need. When Calen said you need a borrowed rubber band and two hands I took it as you don’t need an extra gimmick. You do need a gimmick, I will go into more detail about it later.

    On the plus, I think the method is really clever. Now I agree with everyone saying that Calen Morelli is one of the most creative minds in magic. Not much more to say.


    It is a bit tough to get at first. As JB put it, it’s “knacky.” You will probably have to practice this one in front of a mirror.


    The gimmick:

    It is pretty easy to make. If you don’t have one you can go to any store like Wal-Mart and buy what you need and make it in three minutes.

    The DVD:

    Good quality, as always. It is 23 minutes long with a partial street performance. I say that because it is only bits and pieces of a performance. Another good thing is the DVD comes with a few of the rubber bands you need and a few of the “thing” you need to make the gimmick.


    Definitely something I will use.

  2. so it does use a gimmick. i had an inkling. I wonder if this is using the concept i posted a week or two before he created the effect....
  3. What was the concept? If you give me a link i'll take a look.
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    So after a conversation with Calen, the methods are entirely different and Calen had never seen that thread before tonight haha. With that said, Transit is still a SICK effect and very cool looking, and apparently my concept is actually a recent release of Garrett Thomas. oh well, maybe next time. To everyone else, i encourage you to go over to Calen's blog and check out the rest of his magic video's as he has some really sick stuff.

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