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Transpo With a Smile

Aug 2, 2011
I really liked it, and the move you use is an awesome way to utilize it. My only bit of criticism is after you put the card in your mouth, you set your hand back on the deck, and imediately take the top card off the deck. I think you need to wait just slightly longer before you pick up the second card. The speed at which you placed your hand on the deck and picked up the next card was a bit apparent. Other than that it was great! :)
Jun 20, 2009
near paris
Hey guys!

So for a while, I've been obsessed with trying to come up with methods for organic card transpositions... as in, transpositions using only two cards with no dummy cards, pseudo mates, duplicates, etc. Here's one of my favourites. Just an idea right now but I hope you like it!

Good job ! a good way to use this move ! if you like transpo with no duplicates, check out Michael Vincent 's handling


Elite Member
Jan 8, 2010
I like it. A comment on youtube is that a simple double lift would give the same result, I think using that move makes it more convincing.
Sep 1, 2007
Oliver Macia uses the same move in the same way to accomplish a transpo effect that's really nice as well. I suggest you check it out.
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