Trapped: New Signed Cap in Bottle

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  1. Does anyone have any info on if this is as good as it looks? I was looking to get B. Smiths new effect and saw this and was thinking about buying it but I havent ever heard of this effect and didnt find any reviews on it?

    Here is a vid of what it looks like
  2. i need it, going to look for some reviews
  3. No one knows anything about this?
  4. Trapped allows for both impromptu and set up performances we also include a gimmick that will make perfoming this super easy and very clean and visual. The DVD also has a non gimmicked version of a Digital Dissolve style effect. The DVD has a lot of methods, something for everyone.
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    Thats the best i've seen in a while. Looks super sweet. I am going to get this.

    *Edit* Why is the dude in the video only using Miller bottles?
  6. Because he's from Oklahoma lol, you can use any bottle.
  7. I was just gonna post that Jeff!

    I had a look at the trailer, I can't believe anyone thinks this looks good!
  8. You dont think it looks good?
  9. Essentially it's a poor version of Justin Millers version and Charlie Justices version as well. Like they mentioned on the Wizard Product review, you can essentially tell from the reactions that the people watching it, figured it out instantly.. If you want a good Cap in Bottle effect, that can also be impromptu. Then check out Prohibition. I've heard really good things about that.

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