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  1. Travel by Martin Adams

    Mentalism | Easy | .PDF EBOOK | 8 Pages | $22 |

    You introduce a laminated card which is covered in standard recognizable places from the world.

    Places like the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls or the Stonehenge.

    You just ask the spectator to do an imaginary trip to any of the nine famous sites. You ask them to imagine themselves to be there. You then slowly reveal their thought of place.

    A KILLER piece in your wallet!

    The concept behind this is not "new", but entirely clever and really deceptive.

    It's simple, direct, powerful and really connects with your audience in a 'personal' way.

    The great advantage about 'Travel' is you can perform it within a few minutes of learning the method behind it and also involves NO MEMORY WORK, AT ALL!

    Because it's almost completely 'self-working', it leaves an ENTIRE room for presentation and that's all you need to supply here. ;}

    Definitely a winner, from Martin Adams!
  2. I ask this in a respectful way but do you buy every single one of these products? It could be that you review everything and you get some discount maybe or for free, but it seems you have so many products it's ridicolous.

    Again this is coming off in a respectful manner, I just don't think your helping yourself very much by buying so many products. I haven't bought an effect since the release of Subway.
  3. 'Travel' is something I've been performing for awhile now [since I've gotten it] and it never ceases to amaze...always a big hit [pun intended ;)] with the spectators.

    When I see something that fits my performance style and something I can see myself using, then yes, it's a 'must-have' for me.

    Hope that answers your 'question'!
  4. I don't see how it should be a big deal to have many effects, I doubt it could be bad as long as you take the time with each and perform them well. Great reveiw as usual.

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