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Traveling light

Oct 2, 2018
Here's a thought experiment. Minimalists are a curious breed, and as such I want to travel as lightly as possible. Maneuvering through a busy airport with wife, kid, and luggage is a hassle, so yeah....I'm goin' light. With that picture in mind, if you wanted to strip it all back, what would you carry in an Altoids tin. You could carry anything, as long as it fits in the tin. Tins fit in your pocket, in your camera bag ( I have 2 in mine), in your lunchbox (guilty again), and anyplace a pack of cards could go. List what you would carry in the tin...if you want to go into greater detail, great. Everything has to fit in the tin with the lid closed, I'll also add that you could use a couple of rubber bands to keep it closed. I use the bands that keep the asparagus together at the grocery store...they are fantastic. For the extreme minimalists, what would you carry in the mini Altoids tin, same rules apply. And since I won't come right out and say it, you could carry both if you want. Have fun, have a great July 4th weekend, and stay safe.
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