Trick only my fellow filthy millennials will get.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Jan 4, 2019.

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  2. God dammit lol

    Not sure where I stand generation wise, too young to be considered Millennial, but too old to relate to anything about Gen Z.

    Obviously, most millennial are in there late 20s - mid 30s. But we grew up with a lot of the stuff that late 90s kids can relate too while also relating to stuff mid 2000 kids saw.

    Most of the late Highschool/Early College kids are here right now.

    Either way, I wasn't expecting this. Nice job combining memes and magic.

    Do your self a favor and read the first letter of every line.
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  3. Why do I think I should delete the video or ban you or something like that?
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  5. It’s a typical reaction when someone gets GNOMED
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  6. This seems like that frequency thing that people over a certain age can't hear. What the heck is being gnomed?
    Is it like the game (that you just lost btw)
    Or the ok sign finger thing?
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  7. It’s the new Rick Roll which is a form of the ok finger game, which is based on the classic
    “Made you look”

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