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tricks but not card trick?

Jan 19, 2009
Need some new trick that I can use at a party, but I want to try something diffrent then cards.
It dont need to be impromptu, but not a trick that takes forever to reset and get ready to do.
Don`t say On the spot or anytime anywhere:p

I have smoke and love to performe this, also flash paper I have had alot fun with:)

btw how is Quantum Bender 2.0 with norwegian money, they are little bit thicker then US quarters?
Feb 12, 2011
At my Computer
My favorite effect is Wrap It Up by Jay Sankey. The gimmick instantly resets and almost everyone of the nongimmicked handlings are amazing especially oral fixation. Audiences love this effect.
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
If I'm understanding you right, you have the SMOKE effect which is quite cool; I've a modified version to that piece I use in my Seance work.

BENDING as I've explained elsewhere, is a bit over-done and worse of all, it has fallen into the repertoire and reputation of being a "Magic Trick" vs. the miracle it was seen to be a few short decades ago. In other words, if you're going to venture down this particular path you may want to look at some of the older thinking that stems from the Mentalists working during the 60's & 70's when Geller was making it such a big deal rather than jumping in with both feet and doing it more or less in the same "blow-off" manner the majority of folks seem to be doing now days. Too, understand that there are numerous methods for creating a bend; use your imagination a bit and don't get sucked into dropping a few hundred dollars on a fancy device you can make for under $50.00.

If you are looking for material outside card tricks then I'd suggest you learn the basics of magic; slight of hand techniques from which you will be able to manipulate most any small item you happen onto; balls, cigarettes, pens/pencils, salt shakers, dice, etc. from that cornerstone you can create a myriad of routines that can be done at literal improvisational levels and more importantly you don't have to carry around pockets filled with junk.

There are likewise some great books & videos on Bar Magic, Improvisational Magic and of course specialty bits involving Rope, Coins or even key themes such as the Street Hustler/Gambler, Carney Pitchman, Side Show Geek and more.

I'm better that you're both, young in age and relatively new to magic based on what you've shared in your post, which is all the more reason why you will find the greatest sense of benefit by focusing on manipulation methods. Jeff McBride has an excellent video series on this topic there is likewise the Bill Tarr books "Now You See It; Now You Don't" (two volumes) which I give very high kudos for because they are very easy to learn from.

I don't know about other shops but Stevens Magic Emporium has a huge inventory of videos that address the things I've mentioned here, you may wish to spend some time checking things out.
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
You can always do some rubber band magic. I am using Marcus Eddie's Stairway almost every time I perform and CMH is a classic that continues to be one of the best close-up effects one can do impromptu.

And...+1 Craig Browning's Post, a lot of good advice in there (particularly about learning basic sleight of hand).
May 12, 2011
Why ask a question if you can answer it by yourself? Just think! Don't be lazy by depending on us.
May 21, 2011
Bedford, England
I recommend Rattled by Dan Hauss and Paul Harris, Puncture by Alex Lidian (?) and Paul Harris, SLR by Paul Harris. Long story short, anything by Paul Harris :)
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