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  1. Hey There,
    I have a question.
    At minute 27 David does an seemingly impromptu Out of the world where the spectator deals the cards. Do you know the name of this trick?
    At minute 42-43 he does a TnR where he spits the edge back on. Do you know the name of this trick?
    At minute 43:45 The spectator names a card and it reappears under his watch. Do you know the name of this trick?
    Link to the video:
  2. Study Paul Harris' material.

    It's a combination of methods. I don't believe all of them are published.

    Study basic sleight of hand.
  3. ChristopherT pretty much has you covered on all of it. I will just add two things. First, the Out of this World is not done impromptu. Notice that the shuffling isn't shown. Most likely he used either a deck switch or a quick color separation. If you are interested in learning something like that check out Lennart Green's "Angle Separation" (OH GOD IS HARRY LORAYNE GONNA SHOW UP AND YELL AT ME?!?!?) For the Card under watch i would highly recommend studying some basic kinetic magic and touches. Look into works by Apollo Robbins and Shoot Ogawa. Shoot does some great body loading of coins and it can be applied to cards. Apollo is the master of pickpocketing and his thoughts on personal space and body loading are second to none. For those sources check out either their two dvd's together named Cultural Exchange 1 and 2 or look into Apollo's many lecture that can be found around the net. He also has a section in two separate years of the EMC dvds. The EMC performances and lectures have some really great stuff including tips on loading your business card into a spectators pocket.

  4. I saw a lecture by Shoot Ogawa here a few years ago. He muscle passed a coin up MY sleeve. If I hadn't been wearing a bracelet, I wouldn't have noticed a thing. Amazing.
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    I will do that for you:
    "Thank you so much for your input. I suppose we should all bow to your superior knowledge, but - difficult, since you really have no idea as to what you're talking about. I think your lovely statement - "What a complete and utter load of bull!" fits YOU just PERFECTLY. And, just to make sure you understand - despite your deep knowledge - let me repeat - Green's angle thing IS AN 0UT-AND-OUT RIP-OFF. When something is "inspired" by me - I SAY SO. We will all now breathlessly await your next load of wit! (Incidentally, it would be "bigger and classier" for you to mind your own business in areas you know nothing about. No?)"

    I prefer Green`s Angle separation over TGD, and if there`s a table, Woody Aragon`s fantastic Separagon.

    BTW, although I really don`t like the childish behavior of Mr. Lorayne, he has a pretty nice version of Out of this World in Classic Collection 1, and a really impromptu one which can be done from any shuffled deck in use.
    No moves, and you do the dirty work right under the spectators noses with well motivated actions.
    Well, actually it is not really his idea as I`ve learned from others.

    Christopher refers to, I think, Paul Harriss "Galaxy" from Art of Astonishment, Vol. 3 . I haven`t seen the clip (my connection is too low for this) and can`t say whether it`s what Blaine does, but Harriss version is one of the best I?ve seen to date.
  6. HAHAHAHA thanks Chris. I'm glad someone got the reference. And like you said, Lorayne has some amazing magic, regardless of other issues.

    My personal favorite OTW are by far Michael Feldman's and Derren Brown's. Both are fantastic.
  7. Fun story. I have heard that it is not Harry who goes off but his Personal Assistant who does. So who knows.

    As far as culls I use the version taught on David's Cull DVD.

    As for OoTW I use the UF Grant version that uses a shuffled deck in use.
  8. @all
    thanks for your help
    I am more interested in how he knows the card.
  9. Then learn sleight of hand. There is no shortcut here. You're not going to ever pull any of this off until you get your fundamentals in order.
  10. Which Paul Harris material if you could be more specific (name of effect)
  11. Nope. From the questions you're asking you clearly don't have a solid foundation. I've narrowed it down to the guy who put out the method, you can find it pretty easily from there with research. I'm not going to spoon feed you, you have to do some work if you want to learn the good stuff.
  12. you're cute.
  13. Well here I'll narrow it down some. It's going to coast between $150 and $300 to get the Paul Harris stuff where it is taught.
  14. It's true that those of us around here who know what we're talking about are generally good-looking in addition to being highly intelligent, charismatic and eloquent. How very astute of you to notice.

    Krab has narrowed your search down a bit. Let me narrow it further. Ninety percent of the material in this resource is pretty far over your head. This is material for workers, not weekend wannabe wizards. If you don't have your fundamentals in order, it's useless to you.
  15. It's as if the really good stuff is priced high to keep it out of the hands of those not ready and those who only want to know how it's done. It reminds me of a quote by Diaconis response to a question about why he did not publish his methods:
    "Why give tools to the animals?"
  16. Some of that stuff is on the market and some of it is a combination of things that are not.

    The Card in Lemon/card to impossible location is a basic effect that is as old as the hills.
    Out of This World has so many variation's on it that it's just silly.
    etc etc.
  17. Because I don't spend my time on magic forums makes me a weekend wannabe wizard?

    I own the AoA series hence why I am asking for a name, I found it and dear OP, it is called Galaxy. Forums are meant to be a space where one can seek information and while that is true most of the time, this isn't the case here. I have been performing card magic for just over half a decade and while I may not be a professional by any stretch of the imagination, I do know my way around a pasteboard.

    No need to have a stick in your rear, if OP already knows about magic sites such as this one, what else are you trying to hide from him or her?
  18. You aren't, by simply telling OP where he could find the information is leading him to gems however it would require a substantial investment and if one were not serious enough, they wouldn't put the cash down... Or maybe they would cause they are rich.
  19. And right off the bat we go straight to the "you must have no life" type of insults. Well parried, thou rapier-tongued chappy! This battle of wits is at an end.

    Oh good, then we can skip the lectures about your fundamentals.

    Now let me explain to you why Christopher, Krab and myself talk the way we do. You see, we get bombarded constantly with people asking for this trick or that trick, where can I buy this DVD, how can I be like Derren Brown, etc. So these answers are our way of making a point and saving time. I enjoy being sardonic a bit too much perhaps but there you have it. If none of this applies to you, then good for you. Although it might have been easier if you just told us up front that you already owned the books, but that could just be me.

    I can safely say that there are no sticks in my ass, though there is probably more mead than blood in my arteries on any given day. As for trying to hide something? Not quite. I'm just of the belief that people do not value what is simply handed to them. That working for something magnifies its value and makes you more appreciative of what you have. If you disagree, that's adorable.
  20. I am far from disagreeing with you but thanks for noticing my adorableness.

    While I agree people don't value things that are handed to them, it isn't like we are discussing how this effect is done. If the problem is that people come here looking for this effect and that effect, maybe there is a better way then to beat around the bushes, why not give OP insight on where to find a simple version of the effect so he does hopefully build a solid foundation.

    Be a part of the solution and not the problem... Not really relevant to this current discussion but I break rules :)

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