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    When we think of magic plots I believe that most the time we as magicians are very limited in the way we think. I feel like we return over and over to the same old plots and the same old props. I know I have a habit of returning back to the same plots over and over again. As an exercise in creativity I like to think up plots that are completely impossible, make note of the conditions I would put on it and then try to figure out a way to do the effect. Over the years there are many plots that have eluded me. In this video I share some of my favorite unobtainable plots and I'd love to see what yours are:

  2. I have two tricks:

    The first is a deck trick in which I can spread out the deck of cards in the air like a table spread but have the faces of the cards face the spectator and I ask them to select a card in their mind. Once selected the deck closes back up and into my hand. The cards are then re spread in the air and now reveal the name of the card the selected.

    The second, I would introduce the fickle-ness of time and show it with a rose that has unfortunately died, is withered and a petal falls to the ground. I mention that time is relative and can seem to be altered as I pick up the petal. I blow on it and its color and life returns looking like a new freshly fallen rose petal. Then I blow on the flower and is shakes and brightens and re blooms back to a health new rose. Lastly I reattach the fallen petal and immediately hand it to a spectator to keep.

    But I shall keep dreaming
  3. First, I don't think you are using the word alluded in the correct context.
    Other than that.
    I can think of methods or some ideas for most of these, but I will hint one.
    Check out Wizard wars, Jason Latimer does a trick with water. That would be a good way to go with your effect.

    As far as impossible magic tricks, I sit with Sankey and Calen on this topic. The main tip is to remember that Magic Is not Real! OMG WHAT? Its a silly thing to think, but honestly, I have never seen real magic.
    Also, these are difficult tricks to do, but I wouldn't say impossible. The set up on some may be a bit more (6th story window) but there are ways to get around this if you have the resources.
    An impossible effect would be to have someone hold a card face up, and you, without changing it turns into any card the spectator names. That is a bit more impossible than ring to sunglasses or a card through window. How about having someone think of a name and you just knowing what it is without them writing anything down or saying anything beforehand. Even that is a bit more plausible in my opinion.
    I have been drifting from the mindset of fooling methods and impossible tricks to the mindset of what a spectator would enjoy. That is even more difficult than creating methods. Having something that people will care about.
    Anyway, just my 2 cents.
    Check out Wizard Wars. or try to find the water trick on youtube or something.
  4. Two come to mind for me, the first: glowing hands. A while back a lot of smoke products seemed to be coming out, whether the smoke came from your mouth, hands or somewhere else, I've never purchased one of these devices but from what I've seen they usually are used to 'enhance' other effect, such as a vanish, a bit of smoke just makes it look cooler I guess. I thought it would be cooler if you hands could emit light, obviously they would have to be shown clean but at some point but to just glow with no visible source, even light from a cupped hand looks cool, I can certainly think of a couple of at least plausible methods for this, but nothing solid.

    Second is basically the perfect clean vanish of any object that can fit in your hands, coins, cards, phone etc. However the vanish would allow you to 'wipe' the object away. This means that you could partially obscure the object with your hand or fingers, where usually you would see part of the object on the other side but cant, then 'wipe' across and its gone see Daniel Madison's half vanish as an example of what it would look like. Hands obviously clean afterwards. easily achieved on stage, but I want to do it close up. Only got one not too plausible method so far.
  5. Woops, spelling error. It should have been "elude: to avoid" not "allude: to make reference to".

    Yeah, I had seen Latimer's water routine before he performed it on Wizard Wars. It's a great routine but it's not what I'm looking for. I have also seen Cyril perform a card through window with an aquarium window. This is great, but it's not the kind of thing that I would ever have the resources to perform. If you throw out one of the conditions then the effect is easily obtainable. Ideas come to mind, give the card to a window washer and have them set it up, rent a crane, go to the roof and dangle the card down over the edge and so on.

    I felt that it was implied but maybe I should have stated it clearer. I would like the effect to be practical enough that I could actually perform it.

    Touché, more impossible yes and probably a better trick.

    In my eyes that's what began this conversation. It's similar to the ham sandwich theory. If someone asked for a ham sandwich and you produced it magically that would be a killer effect. My coworker asked to see a card through window and I couldn't deliver in the way I wanted. It's something that I have tossed over for years.

    That said, if you really can think of a method please don't keep it to yourself. The incredible innovation that would come from a card through window that can be performed with literally any window is an innovation worth sharing for sure.
  6. This would be a beautiful effect. I have yet to see a magic trick where I am convinced that time has been manipulated, and this seems like a beautiful effect.
  7. For years the through glass effect used to boggle my mind.
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