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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TobinJohnson, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hello again Magic community,

    I recently procured a deck of double face cards and was wondering where can I find good, and I use that term loosely, tricks utilizing these gimmicks. :)

  2. I believe that DF cards are among the most useful items a card magician can have. DFs can be used visibly (where the spec is actually shown the DF) or invisibly (where the spec does not even know a DF is in play). Here are some effects that can be done with this gimmick.

    Anniversary Waltz- One of the strongest and most sentimental effects a magician can do. The Magi approaches a married couple. The Magi then has each of them select and sign a card. These cards are lost into different places of the deck. But yet, the magi spreads through the deck and they are right next to each other. As a finale, the magi has the couple sandwich their cards together. And when the specs lift up their hands, both signed cards have fused together. Such a beautiful routine. Watch it here and Purchase it here

    True Love- Essentially the same plot as Anniversary Waltz, however, it is extremely simplified. This is basically the Street Magic version of Anniversary waltz. Its quick and direct, and some phases of the original routine have been removed and altered. Watch it here and purchase it here

    Astral Projection- A great mentalistm routine. This is an effect that uses a DF invisibly. Basically, a thought of card vanishes from one packet of half of a deck, to the other. I really like this effect. Its by Jay Sankey. Watch it and purchase it here or purchase it here

    Strange Travelers- Along the same lines as Astral Projection, but much more "Street". This has some other added elements such as counting the cards. Its a great packet trick, and has been performed by David Blaine.This is the single effect that convinced networks to do his first Tv special. Watch it here purchase it here

    McDonalds Aces- A classic routine utilizing the four aces. Its simply beautiful. It was performed by Criss Angel on national television. Watch it here purchase it here or here

    Those should help you get started with your new deck of DFs. Now, I realize that in my post, the mention of DFs along with certain effects may be considered method exposure. So moderators feel free to delete this post. Instead I may just send it as a private message to Tobin Johnson.
  3. That's a really awesome trick! I especially liked the visual aspect of it! :)
  4. Thanks man, these sound like some great tricks! :) I'll make sure to check them out :)
  5. Among them, Anniversary Waltz is a killer. I personally like Doc Eason's over any newer variations.

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