Trilogy Tricks or Dangerous Mystique

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  1. Which one do you guys think is better:

    The trilogy tricks dvd or the Dangerous mystique dvd/download?
  2. havent got the dangerous but looks great
    I think trilgoy and the dangerous is great they are done by different ppl diffferent material in both so i suggest getting both
  3. go with dangerous, all of the tricks are great and leave a great impact on the audience. also, it depends on your style, if you really like dan and dave stuff get the trilogy, but if you don't or already no a lot of dan and dave go with dangerous, its truly unique
  4. I highly suggest getting Mystique, it is a fantastic DVD.

    While some people will highly disagree with me here, I find some of the effects on the Trilogy to be impractical for real world performing. Again, only SOME are impractical, others are great.

  5. 2 style. I would not compare these 2 dvd. They are both as great. If you like no pather imromptu go for trilogie and if you like more elaborate trick go for mystique.
  6. it depends on what you like. if you're more into visual magic then, i would say go with the trilogy. not to say d+M's stuff isn't visual, but dan and dave have such a knack for making their tricks "in your face". there are also no gimmicks on the tricks dvd. mystique is a great dvd, no doubt. there are not as many sleights involved as in some of dan and dave's tricks, which is sometimes very good because you can put more effort into the performance. i enjoyed both dvds. sorry if this doesn't help.
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    Well I'd say, certain tricks in Dangerous require more balls to perform. But the Trilogy's tricks DVD contains about a bajillion useful sleights. Certain Dangerous tricks require more setup, while the Trilogy's Tricks don't. Let me try a different approach at comparing the two.

    • Bigger Impact
    • Certain tricks require more setup
    • Some are quite easy to do
    • Some require more balls to perform :)

    • Includes many useful sleights
    • Multiple Color Changes
    • Numerous, very useful forces
    • In general, More on the easy side to perform. However, there are some effects that are quite difficult at first, and require good timing and practice to perfect.

    I'm sure there's more but I just can't think of any at the moment.

    Basically, if you want a nice array of sleights to add to your repertoire, and more in your face visual magic, with no big setup or gimmicks or dupes or whatever, the Trilogy: Tricks is for you. If you want a bigger impact on your audience, and have more guts to perform certain risky routines, Dangerous is for you. Hope this helps.

  8. Let me say one other thing, I have performed d+M's Angle Zero 3 times since getting the DVD. This effect could easily have been on its own dvd and I would have payed 3 times the amount for it.

    Think about it.. A spectator selects and signs a card. You tear a corner off and make it vanish. The piece then instantly reappears ANYWHERE you want it to. And I mean anywhere, your imagination is your only limit. You are totally clean and the spectators can verify that it is the same card... Fantastic. Yes there is setup but it can be done with any deck in a matter of a few seconds.

  9. I think that the tricks in Dangerous are better for live audiences.
  10. So you would have paid $89.99 for a corner vanish and re-appearance? As good as this trick is i dont think its worth $89.99.
  11. I second that.
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    which one has more tricks on it? which one is better for walk-around and street magic? also, a little off topic, which is better trilogy: tricks or trilogy: everything else?
  13. I think the trilogy has more tricks, and which suits street magic depends on your style and i found everythin else as good as the tricks
  14. Firstly, moments of astonishment are, in my opinion, priceless.

    Secondly, it was a figure of speech ;)
  15. Maybe I am missing something but where are the force's in Trilogy, other than Hoffy Osbourne. There are many more control procedures and selection techniques in Trilogy.

    Dangerous is in my opinion far better than Trilogy. The tricks are more real world, I have said it before but I feel that the tricks Trilogy seem to be preformed more at an audience then with them. People want to pick cards not just say stop as you dribble them, only to thumb it off the deck slightly.

    Also Dangerous has a larger range of effects in my opinion. Almost all of the tricks in trilogy are some form of transpo / sandwich / collectors combo. They are some of my favorite types of card magic but it gets a little tired after a while. Dangerous has something for everyone in my opinion. Mentalism, transpo sandwich effects. Plus nothing on Trilogy is touching Angel Zero including the Queens if they included the Clipshift.
  16. I believe Dangerous is better personaly. Don't get me wrong though the trilogy is pretty cool to. But magic wise i would go with dangerous. the tricks just seem better fit to perform to people than the trilogy does to me. Dangerous is also easier to learn. The trilogy is a little more chanllenging.
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    It's hard to choose, but I prefer Dangerous Mystique. The tricks in Trilogy seem a bit more flourishly. The tricks in Dangerous are a little more simple and also hit just as hard as the tricks in Trilogy. There are a lot of good moves and productions in Trilogy, but I still prefer Dangerous.
  18. I find with most of the tricks on the trilogy is that they are so angle oriented, so I would go with Dangerous.

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