Trilogy Video Contest :: The Winners!


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Sep 1, 2007
Okay guys,

So over the past week I’ve watched all your videos at least three times and can honestly say I’m sick of the music. LOL. Besides that I was pretty pleased with the turnout and moreso with the effort that some of you guys put into your videos. AWESOME!

The idea of this contest was to show off your skills as both a flourisher and a moviemaker. Dave and I looked at both aspects and tried to pick the best. We understand that many of you don’t have access to high-end video equipment like others so we didn’t hold that against you. Creativity always outweighs production value!

Before I announce the winner I would like to applaud all of you who went into this contest trying your hardest, it showed.


1ST PLACE: Style, by the Virts
This video starts out strong and doesn’t stop the whole way through. The amount of material they were able to cram into this thing is amazing. They’re artistically smooth at what they do, they understand the process and they know how to present it.

2ND PLACE: Sunset Fortress, by Allan Hagen & Chris Hestnes
I wonder what these two could do with a decent budget. This video looked better then most TV shows – very film like. The pacing was perfectly executed by inserting just enough flourishes to keep it visually entertaining.

3RD PLACE: Worn, by Wornsilver
So this was a tough call, especially since I don’t like ties. For the past day I’ve been torn between Daniel Streit’s video & Wornsilver’s video. Both are great and for there own reasons but in the end I went with Wornsilver as for one he fooled me with his production and two I’ve never seen a one-hand circular fan executed so well before.

In the end there were bits and pieces from every video that I enjoyed so I encourage all of you to keep at it and next time, take the prize. For all the winners, you will be contacted by the t11 crew via email with information on how to obtain your prizes.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks for all of the support and submissions.

Dan Buck

PS. Stay tuned for the 3rd and final Trilogy contest. The Grandest prize has yet to be given.
Great job everyone!

Virts: Your just amazing in every aspect whether it be filmmaking, flourishing, quality, creativity, originality.

Chris and Allan: Amazing location. Great filming. I also agree with Dan it was like a TV show and the flourished were great and not to many. Incredibly original.

Worn: Great job, great flourishes, and all around good video.

And everyone who didn't win don't be hard on yourself you tried your best. As you improve you will begin to succeed more and more. I didn't win, but I'm trying to stay positive. Actually, my video wouldn't even load in the media section. Sent some PM's to Raiker said they're working on it. Please just if it does get fixed check it out. Gimme some constructive criticism.

Thanks and Congratulations and a HHHUUUGGGEEE congratulations to the winners,
Sep 2, 2007
Congratulations to the winners of the Contest -- well-deserved -- and to everyone who submitted a video for the Contest, for a commendable effort.

Sep 1, 2007
indeed congrats to evryone's submission

Chris and Allan did a very good job on the location and the editing, the virts... well they did their thing, and wornsilver did very nice flourishes

but what do they mean"3rd and final contest"

is it the prize or b tid did they count to witness contest????

very confused please help
Sep 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Congratulations to everybody who won the contest. Your videos were amazing, and I have to applaud the amount of work you must have put into your videos. I also applaud everybody who entered a video in the contest, for putting your best effort out. It was great fun, and wish everybody luck next time.

Thank you to everyone!!
We're really happy to have won!

Also, I'm thrilled to hear that Worn Silver got a prize!

I love how different the moves were from the usual video and how well executed they were but was afraid that most of us would overlook it and not be able to appreciate it because we don't really do those moves.

But ah I forget, Dan Buck made the final call.

Also, did you guys notice his hands were empty before he produced and executed that perfect one hand fan? Man I wish there was a little more 'absorb time' in the video before the fan was produced so people could notice his empty hand.

Daren and I were talking about who would be the ones clinching the prizes and Worn Silver was one of my guesses. Actually Chris and Allan's video another one of my guesses for top three as well. Beautiful colours it had. Sound like Yoda I do.

Daren, you suck at guessing.

Damn, I'm good at guessing.

Once again, thanks guys, we had fun!

-Huron, The Virts

Bargh. Huron you're full of ****.

Anyway, Thanks everyone for the great comments and support you guys have shown. Really appreciate it. Thanks you once again.

-Daren , The Virts
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Aug 31, 2007
Maine, USA
Congrats to the winners, and those who submitted videos for there effort :p

They mean there is going to be one third and final trilogy contest, with a prize better than any that we have seen so far.


that girl who posts videos sometimes / t11
Sep 1, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
I would also like to give Kudos to all the winners. Job well done.

All of the submissions were fantastic, keep up the good work, more contests=more stuff to win.

Awesome job everyone!

Congratz to the winners.

I personally thought Jaspas would place somewhere in there and was suprised he didn't. His Blank theme was original.

Very nice vids for everyone who entered. Pretty much everyone would own me in a flourishing contest.
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