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  1. Lol, I think Oz Pearlman has a great sense of wonder and amazement for this Triumph trick.
  2. If you don't have a strong Triumph in your arsenal this DVD should appeal, it teaches the classics plus some new handlings and effects. I won't be picking it up though cos I've already a few favs I do.

    I'm happy with these:

    Decknine (My handling) by Daniel Madison - Inexplicably devious

    Open Triumph by Ben Earl - completly impromptu with a gotchya ending

    Mix Master by Jay Sankey - 4 ace full deck color change triumph with instant reset (my fav)
  3. Yeah I ordered this and another Pre-release from Penguin(Stealth) and it will be the last time... Still no word on it..They just keep pushing it back and not contacting customers...Emailed Customer service and got a cookie cutter response... Worst experience online with any magic dealer so far.... I will not be doing business with them again.. If you are looking for a Triumph look else where is my opinion... DGs got one on his 3 disc set called Nacho mammas triumph that is solid...
  4. I can understand your impatience, but Penguin is actually known for having one of the best Customer Service Teams out there.

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